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Winter Meltdown, Hosted by Keystone DockDogs in Harrisburg, PA


This past weekend Cello participated in The National Pet Expo (hosted by Keystone DockDogs) Winter Meltdown event at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, PA. We were a bit nervous, as Cello has not gotten her full exercise regimen to meet the daily requirements of a German Shorthaired Pointer due to this brutal winter we’ve had in Southern NJ.  We were also a bit anxious because Cello had never competed in an indoor event before.  We planned for a camping trip to Harrisburg – however once again, a major snow storm was predicted to PA and NJ Sunday-into-Monday…so we decided to get a hotel room instead (Cello’s first hotel stay!).

On the first day, just as we expected, Cello did not jump her best, but still managed to win 2 medals with jumps of 20′ 8″ and 20′ 11.”

photo 1 (2)

On the second day, Cello jumped even worse, and was so tired, she was falling asleep sitting up!  This was WAY more activity and excitement than she has had this entire winter!  She did not earn any medals on the 2nd day, but somehow found her way into the Masters Division Big Air Finals!

She jumped with all her might, and soared her furthest ever!!!!  A leap of 22 feet, 9 inches got her a 2nd place in the finals!  She even beat out other dogs who had been jumping further than her all weekend!  Cello won a bucket full of prizes including dog treats and dog toys, $50 cash prize, and a big 2nd Place ribbon.  It was a great surprise to end this fun-filled weekend!!


photo 5 (4)


  • 21’8″      third place masters medal
  • 20’8″
  • 21’11”     second place masters medal
  • 19’6″
  • 18’3″
  • 20’9″         no medals
  • 20’1″
  • 17’9″         no medals
  • 21’0″

                    and 2nd Place in Big Air Masters Finals!

We are so proud of Limoncello! 

5 thoughts on “Winter Meltdown, Hosted by Keystone DockDogs in Harrisburg, PA

  1. Yay!!! Congratulations to Cello! She’s such a little cutie falling asleep while sitting up at a DockDogs event. Now you know that she was just saving up her energy for her big finals jump!!

    PS – love the Trover. Wasn’t it perfect for a chilly indoor event?

    • Thank you SO much!! I felt so badly when I saw her “swaying” and falling asleep while sitting up! I have NEVER seen her this tired! The indoor experience was definitely a bit different than outdoor events!! I have to thank you for giving us the info on the Trover coat – not only did it keep Cello warm and dry, everyone was coming up to us and complementing the coat (or “cape” as some people put it!!…we started calling her Wonder Woman, Super Pooper, etc ..hahaha!)

      • My favorite made-up name for the trover was from world’s in 2012. Bailey was about to try out one of the doggie fitness wobble balls and the lady working in the booth said “you may want to take off her robe first.” now I always think of the trover as a glamorous robe that we imported from the UK. 🙂

      • Too funny!! That’s such a cute story! I’ll tell you what – – That coat has such a thick soft and plush terry-feel that I wouldn’t mind having a “robe” like that MYself!! haha!!

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