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✔️ #2 Take a Ride in a Police Car 🚔

With the help of Medford Lakes Police Department’s Chief of Police, Margarita checked off Adventure List item #2 on Valentine’s Day 2020!

A HUGE thank you to Medford Lakes Police Department ’s Chief Dugan for helping Margarita check off #2 on her Adventure List! (Take a ride in a Police car 🚔). Chief Dugan was nice enough to come to our house to pick up Sweet Reet and take her for a nice long ride around town!

He also gave Margarita a MLPD patch and pin!!

We are forever grateful to Chief Dugan for creating this happy memory in Rita’s Journey through Lymphoma.

We would like to thank chief Dugan and the Medford Lakes Police Department not only for this kind and generous act, but for everything they do to keep our community safe.

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