We hold the same high standards that we have with their food when it comes to “spoiling” our pups with treats.  Our dogs are rewarded with treats in moderation, keeping in mind that treats should represent ten percent or less of a dog’s daily food intake.

  1. There’s nothing like homemade! Our first choice in treats are none other than our very own homemade treats made right here in Cello’s Cucina. Click HERE to see our pack’s favorite recipes – or use the “Cello’s Cucina” menu button at the top of our blog.  We are always adding to this section of the blog as we find new recipes that our pack taste-tests and  “approves!”
  2. Natural Chews: As an added treat, our dogs periodically get natural chews such as bully sticks, antlers etc, from trustworthy sources who responsibly raise their animals under the high standards we value.  We have a local pet supply business to help us choose our natural chews.