Steamship Authority Ferry Ride to Nantucket, and the Island of Nantucket

August 2013

Cello’s second ferry ride was on the Steamship Authority high speed ferry to Nantucket Island.  Cello was allowed on the tour bus, and went on a 1.5 hour bus tour around the town of Nantucket to see the oldest house on Nantucket Island (Jethro Coffin House), the Old Mill built in 1746, and even a few lighthouses.  She also took Cisco Winery’s shuttle to visit Cisco Brewers.

Ferry to Nantucket

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Walking down the cobblestone streets of Nantucket
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Chillin’ on the Nantucket Tour Bus


Jethro Coffin House

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The Old Mill

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Island Queen Ferry and Martha’s Vineyard, MA

August 2013

Cello’s first ferry ride!  Cello spent the day in Martha’s vineyard and saw the oldest working platform carousel, Flying Horses (mark that down for another National Historic Landmark visit for Cello!), and the Gingerbread Houses of Martha’s Vineyard. She also had her first ride on a public transit…dogs were allowed on the buses in Martha’s Vineyard!

Island Queen ferry to Martha’s Vineyard

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1st public transit ride on a bus!

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Gingerbread Houses in Martha’s Vineyard

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Oldest working platform carousel in America


Cisco Brewers, Nantucket, MA

August 2013

While in Nantucket, Cello bellied up to the bar at Cisco Brewers – a distillery, brewery, and winery all in one!

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Lobster Festival, Rockland, ME

August 2013

While camping in Rockport, ME, we headed over to Lobster Festival in Rockland…it was AMAZING!  Brian and I had our first “whole” lobsters, and our first lobster rolls…and Cello had her first tasted of Lobster ever!  Cello was dressed as a lobster and had many, many people asking to  pet her and take their picture with her!

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