Hooch’s Perianal Adenoma

December 19, 2022

Discovered a mass at the base of Hooch’s tail, on the underside – at the outer part of his anus.

December 22, 2022

An exam and fine needle aspirate performed by our primary veterinarian determined that the growth needed to be removed and biopsied to determine clean margins and tumor type.

The mass is suspected to be a perianal adenoma, a benign type of hepatoid gland tumor. These types of tumors can also be malignant (adenocarcinomas) and borderline malignant (epitheliomas). We are extremely hopeful due to the following statistics:

  • (1) 80% of hepatoid gland tumors are found to be perianal adenomas (benign)
  • (2) adenocarcinomas (malignant) are uncommon
  • (3) epitheliomas (borderline malignant) are rare

January 10, 2023: Mass Removal

Surgery was performed at our primary veterinarian’s office and a the mass was send to pathology.

January 17, 2023: Pathology Report

Pathology report showed that the mass was a hepatoid gland tumor. There are Luckily Hooch’s was a perianal adenoma which is benign! These tumors occur most commonly in intact (unneutered) dogs or male dogs who have been left intact until a later age.

Cancer Checks Should Be Done At Least Once A Month

I know there are certain areas of a dog that are difficult or unpleasant to examine (like the anus), but please remember that checking your dog thoroughly at least once a month can truly be a life-saver.

Not sure how to examine your dog? I’ve included a complete guide below on how to do a Canine Cancer Check from Chase Away Canine Cancer below for your reference: