Happy Halloween! (Hooch’s First Halloween)

Happy Halloween!  Hooch’s first Halloween began with a visit from the Great Pumpkin!


Cello and Hooch enjoyed their Halloween toys!DSC08393

Hooch is loving that new toys arrive on his kitchen bed on all holidays 🙂


Jenny’s nephew James was dressing up as the Lion from the Wizard of Oz, so we stuck with the theme.  The Lion, Dorothy and the Tin Man were off we were to see the Wizard!

unnamed (14)

Cello as Dorothy:DSC08403

“There’s no place like home”DSC08420


Hooch as the Tin Man:DSC08475

Has anyone see my oil can?DSC08476

James as the Cowardly Lion:


Cello wound up having some “wardrobe malfunctions,” so we had to fall back on Wonder Woman and Superman for the rest of trick-or-treating:




Happy Halloween!DSC08554

We hope everyone had as much fun as we did on Halloween!

Chesapeake DockDogs Halloween Fun Jump, Jenny’s First Attempt at Dock Diving, and Meeting Ruger at Detour Winery, Keymar, MD

Now THIS was a fun dock diving event!

Cello participated in Chesapeake DockDogs’ Halloween Fun Jump, held at Detour Winery in Keymar, MD.

Our friend, Kim, made Cello her dock diving suit!  Check out Kim’s Super Fly Suits by clicking HERE!


This event did not count toward any rankings or titles – it was just for pure fun!


Cello in action:

Anyone was allowed to jump a dog… so Jenny jumped Cello for the very first time!


Jenny and Cello in action:

Brian and Cello beat Jenny and Cello by only 2 inches!!  Cello jumped 22′ 9″ for Jenny!  And both teams made the finals!  How fun!


Our friend, John (Kim’s husband) jumped Cello too!


There was a costume party too!  Superman and Wonder Woman were there 😉

unnamed (20)

unnamed (1)

and BEST of all… Hooch was reunited with his REAL brother and litter-mate, Ruger!  Ruger’s parents brought him to this event so that the brother could be together again!

Meet Ruger!


Hooch and Ruger “meet” for first time after being separated at 7 weeks of age (Hooch is in blue)


Brotherly love!


 Ruger’s parents hope to get him into dock diving – the 2015 season is going to be fun with the 2 brothers getting to spend time with each other and compete at events together!

Beautiful Bella, the German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy

We received a post from the GSP Rescue of NJ about an owner-surrender situation.  Someone had purchased a GSP puppy from Tennesee, not having researched the breed very well.  The puppy arrived to NJ at 8 weeks of age, and 8 weeks later, the owner was in over their head.  They could not provide this pup with an appropriate amount of exercise to diminish the GSP puppy craziness, so they decided to surrender the puppy to our rescue.  As soon as I read 16 week old female puppy, I could not help myself!  We agreed to foster this baby until a forever family was found for her.

On October 17th we picked Bella up from her home.


We immediately fell in love with Bella!  She was loving, playful, and got along with Cello and Hooch so well!  We actually gave thought to adopting her ourselves!


Hooch could’t keep up with the girls!DSC08090

How can you resist this face?!DSC08074

Bella had a blast running off lead in our yard! DSC08066

Bella has one ear that is shorter than the other…our vet said it looks to have been “cut” off. DSC08059

Just gorgeous!DSC08055

…having fun and being a happy puppy!

Bella also has a really cute tan area that you can see in this picture:DSC08010

In just 6 short days, Bella was adopted by a family that lives not too far from us.  We hope to get all our pups together for play-dates often!

Bella is now known as Pepper, and is just loving her new life!! She is living with an AMAZING family who just adores her, has a HUGE yard to run all that GSP energy off, and has (2) very beautiful and loving 2-legged sisters, and (1) 4-legged sister named Mocha.  Mocha is a Viszla/Weimaraner mix who looks like Cello’s twin!

Mocha and Pepper:


Pepper is a very lucky gal to have found such an awesome home, and we are so thankful for having met her new wonderful forever family! We are SO happy for Pepper!

German Shorthaired Pointers are often discarded, given up, abandoned, and returned due to their high energy level and strong hunting drive.  Some are discarded by hunters because  they won’t hunt, or they may be “gun-shy.”   We have fallen in love with this often misunderstood breed. ..So…Cello, Hooch, Brian, and I have been volunteering for the GSP Rescue of NJ.  We have made phone calls to vets for background checks and references, visited GSPs in shelters to evaluate them and offer the help of the GSP rescue, called potential adopters for initial screening and application review, transported GSPs to their foster homes, temporarily fostered, and have done home inspections for potential adopters.  Cello and Hooch have even volunteered as donation dogs, wearing a donation vests and “working the crowd” with their cuteness at events such as the Ocean County Gunning and Decoy Show in Tuckerton, NJ.

Live in the NJ/NY area and want to help GSPs in need?  Contact our rescue today!

Want to help dogs in your area but don’t know how? Click HERE to see just some of the ways you can help!

Thinking of a GSP?  Think rescue! The National GSP Rescue lists regional GSP rescue groups across the United States and Canada. If you are interested in adoption, volunteering, or would like information on how to surrender your dog to rescue (Please do not surrender GSPs to a shelter or abandon them!!!!), please contact the group that covers your state or region.  If there is no contact listed for your state, you can email the National GSP Rescue at rescue@gspca.org .

A GSP rescue will help match you up with the perfect GSP for your family!

Holiday Trav-L-Park, Virginia Beach, VA

For Cello’s dock diving event in Virginia Beach, we camped at Holiday Trav-L-Park in Virginia Beach, VA.


Although we were at the dock diving event all day and didn’t spend much time at the campground, we did observe that this campground was clean, and that the staff were very helpful and nice.
Holiday Travl-L-Park is situated very conveniently near many historical attractions, and outdoor activities.

May 2015:  site 322  (stayed here for Shipps Corner’s Back to the Splash Sock Diving Event)


June 2015:  Site 268 (Stayed here for Mid Atlantic Regional Dock Diving Event ant Shipps Corner)

May 2016 Stayed on site 321 for The Empire Splashes Back event at Shipps Corner with Lager and Rita!

Shipps Corner Monster Splash, Virginia Beach, VA

Cello participated in her first Halloween-themed dock diving event, held at Shipps Corner in Virginia Beach, Va.  Shipps Corner is a DockDogs sanctioned facility, which means Cello’s performance counted toward her National ranking, rather than her club-level ranking.


Cello in action:

Cello in Slo-Mo:

Shipps Corner had the dock decorated for Halloween!


Hooch participated in the Halloween Costume Contest, dressed as Superman


I was a chilly day, but Shipps Corner had a bonfire going:


Cello stayed warm with her Trover coat and covered crate:

unnamed (17)

Hooch stayed warm all wrapped up with his Mommy:

unnamed (8)

Hooch also stole his daddy’s chair and curled up while waiting for Cello to jump!

unnamed (15)

Cello did well (unfortunately the new DockDogs website is not completed, so I can’t reach the exact results – but will update them at a later time).

unnamed (14)

Overall, we had a great time, and this event was well-run,  with a very relaxed and fun atmosphere!


unnamed (9)


unnamed (10)

Delmarva DockDogs Unleashed at Pooch Palooza, at Frontier Town Campground, Berlin, MD

This was the first time Cello has competed in this Delmarva DockDogs event, hosted by Delmarva Unleashed, and held at the Frontier Town Campground.


Unfortunately the DockDogs website is under construction, and I cannot post the exact results for Cello at this time.  However, I can say it was a great weekend for Cello!  She won several medals, made the Big Air Elite Division (23′ to 24’11” range) Finals, finishing in first place, earning herself a cash prize, big ribbon, and gift bag!  Our good friend, John, and his dog , Storm, finished in second place, so it was a very exciting Big Air Elite Finals competition!


Cello gave it her best at Extreme Vertical again – this time finishing in third place in the Cadet Division, earning herself a cash prize, big ribbon, and gift bag!





Here is the first video I have of Cello doing Extreme Vertical:

Hooch is still too  young to go off the dock, but we did show him the pool and gave him a chance to fetch his toy!

GO HOOCH! …Look out, Cello!! DSC07435

Good Boy!DSC07442

So proud of himself!DSC07416

Here’s to a great weekend…Cheers to Tommy D!


Frontier Town Campground, Berlin, MD

We camped at Frontier town Campground in Berlin, MD for Cello’s Pooch Palooza dock diving event.  I have to say – this may be one of my favorite campgrounds!

 I can’t wait to go back!!

This campground boats a theme park, water park, crabbing docks, arcade, restaurant (with excellent food!!), saloon, miniature golf, horse back riding, water park, and a “High Ropes” obstacle course suspended in the air in the trees!


We stayed on site “Red 14” (Z 16) – and it was AWESOME! The only other site we saw that was slightly better view than ours was Z 16.

Our site, Z 14:


The site was on the water, was very large, nicely landscaped, and had a very nice stone fire pit.DSC06849

View from our bay window:DSC06799

Around the campground…




This is the first campground we’ve been to that had a Saloon!!DSC06962

Inside the Saloon:DSC07395



Jail Birds:DSC07667


No, Brian, no one is coming to bail you out…Cello, maybe…!DSC07682

Real Jaws movie prop at the campground!DSC07633





This is the view just a few steps away from our site:




“High Ropes” obstacle course in the trees:DSC07390


This campground was fun, beautiful, and just minutes away from SO many great places like Ocean City, Assateague, and the quaint town of Berlin, MD!

Both Lager and Rita camped here as well the following year!

Ocean City Maryland Beach, 53rd street, Ocean City, Maryland

After lunch at Macky’s, we decided it would be nice to take a stroll on the beach.  We visited 53rd Street beach…another great adventure during our trip for Cello’s dock diving event at Pooch Palooza!

Fullscreen capture 11112014 92332 AM.bmp

Cello and Hooch enjoyed their time on the beach, which was very clean and beautiful.

Cello:unnamed (5)

unnamed (4)

Cello and Hooch:

unnamed (3)
unnamed (2)

Macky’s Bar and Grill, Ocean City, MD

While out sight-seeing after Cello’s dock diving event at Pooch Palooza, we stopped at Macky’s Bar and Grill for some lunch and drinks.


This was one cool place!!  Not only are they SUPER dog friendly, there is an outdoor beach and the view is gorgeous!


This was Hooch’s first experience at a bar/restaurant outside of his puppy carrier!DSC07559

Hooch did not quite understand the “moving water!!”unnamed



Although it appears in the photos that Hooch is well behaved…Do NOT be fooled!  Hooch knocked over the doggie water bucket (several times) onto our feet, dug huge holes in the sand, and jumped up and slapped his sandy paw right onto my delicious clams casino!  Despite his devilish acts, the owner and staff loved Hooch!  They were so friendly, and spent some time petting and kissing Cello and Hooch.  Cello was disgusted with her baby brother’s behavior… we will be sure to work on this so that Hooch has manners at his next bar hopping adventure!

Assateague National Seashore, Berlin, MD



After Cello’s first day of Dock Diving at Pooch Palooza , we drove to Assateague National Seashore.  It was so cool to see the horses roaming free!


While we were driving, the horses were walking right down the street toward our car – there were several times we had to just stop until the horse decided to move.  I took this picture in the passenger seat with my phone inside of our car:






There were horses EVERYwhere…and I can see now why the park has signs such as this posted:


At first, I was thinking, WHY would they even have to post those signs?  Isn’t that common sense?  …Apparently NOT! …


These people look closer than 10 feet to me! DSC01625

We then drove to the beach:


…and Hooch stepped foot on a beach for the first time ever!




I think he liked it!



…until that “weird sounding water” crept up on everybody!!





Aside from the “moving water,” Hooch had a blast during his first trip to the beach, we enjoyed the beautiful views, and Cello made it her “job” to tell off every horse we saw from the back seat of our car 😉