Smoky, the “Yorkie Doodle Dandy” of World War II and First Recorded Therapy Dog

War heroes come in all shapes and sizes…this one weighed just 4 pounds and stood only 7 inches high!

While on a roadtrip for a dock diving competition in North Ridgeville, Ohio, we took Lager to visit the Smoky memorial located in the Rocky River Reservation in Cleveland, Ohio.

Smoky became the first dog to be honored with the Animals in War & Peace Distinguished Service Medal, which is the highest award American animals can receive.

Smoky is also the first therapy dog on record! Her owner, Bill Wynne, taught Smoky many tricks, which the team used to entertain soldiers in their unit. The pair also visited the wounded and sick soldiers in hospitals from Australia to Korea during the war.

We took Porter along with us to this memorial since he is now a registered therapy dog. He is wearing a memorial bow tie made for him in honor of our fist therapy dog, Margarita.