4 Years Old

Happy 4th Birthday to Hooch!

May 24, 2018


During his birthday week celebration, Hooch enjoyed:

An agility session, and getting some solo time on the dock for some dock diving fun with his mom!

Hooch also had 2 special birthday meals this week:

His birthday breakfast was an egg, sausage, blueberries and pineapple.

His birthday dinner was Shepherds Pie with sweet potato topping and kiwi.

Hooch also had fun exploring what was in his gift bag and playing with his birthday presents.

Tennessee Whiskey (AKA “Wish 181011-P-B-TN “)

Wish is a Lemon and White Pointer who was surrendered to an over-full kill-shelter at the age of (approximately) 4.5 months in Tennessee because she didn’t quite cut it as a young bird dog.

She was in a very urgent situation, so Pointer Rescue Organization stepped in to help this sweet pup. We dropped off our foster dog, Lilly, on her transport to her forever home on May 19, 2018 and picked up Wish on her transport from Tennessee the very next day on on May 20, 2018.

Picking up Wish from her long transport:

Immediately upon her arrival at  our home, we could tell she had little-to-no human contact.  In fact, she didn’t even respond to human voices, had no bite inhibition, and was extremely wild.  We knew we had a lot of work ahead of us!

Soon after Wish arrived, she had to be put on “medical hold” for adoption for several reasons.  First, after Brian and I examined her on our own, we noticed that she was limping on her right leg.  After an orthopedic consultation, X-rays showed she had an abnormal shoulder joint. The specialist said it looked like it was most likely caused by an old compression fracture of the scapula. Unfortunately there is no surgical correction for this.  Due to this untreated injury, we were told that Wish shouldn’t be pushed beyond normal activity – which meant that she would not be able to be a running partner, a hiker, or a hunting buddy ( a lot of the reasons people adopt Pointers like Wish). It was also noted that she did have a little pain on hyper-extension of her shoulder.  If she develops arthritis or increase lameness in the future, amputation would be the best option.  Secondly, we had also noticed that all of her lymph nodes were swollen.  We had tests done to explore this issue, and luckily, the testing did not indicate any cancer.  The test did show, however, that this very young pup had gone through some major traumatic illness.  Her swollen lymph nodes could also remain a chronic issue.  Next, we also observed that Wish had constant diarrhea.  We tried every home remedy and medication out there before putting her on a prescription diet.  The prescription diet combined with an antibiotic seemed to regulate her somewhat, but this, too, would be a possible chronic problem. Lastly, Once Wish settled, in and became a bit more comfortable with our pack, she began to display a lack of pack manners.  She would need to be slowly integrated into a pack, and closely watched, as she jumped on the other dogs, nibbled on their ears, and did not respond at all to warnings or even corrections from the other dogs.  In the meantime, we discovered that Wish also had major separation anxiety, and could not be in the crate more than a few minutes without having an accident.  The above medical and behavioral problems made it more difficult to find an adoptive home for her, so she had remained with us for several months.

Although any dog we have brought into our home is immediately loved as if they have always been a part of our family, we had spent several months with Wish, and became very attached to her, despite her medical and behavioral issues. Wish also seemed to be very happy at our home.  She became very attached to Limoncello, and wanted to be wherever Cello was – even if it meant jumping in the lake to be with her!  Wish began jumping off of our dock into the lake to get to Limoncello – something an English Pointer doesn’t usually do!

On National Dog Day, August 26, 2018, while at a dock diving event in Canada, we made the decision to officially adopt Wish into our family as “Tennessee Whiskey!”  Welcome home, baby girl!

You can click HERE to see pictures of Whiskey’s Journey from being dumped in the kill shelter… to traveling all the way from Tennessee to New Jersey …to being adopted by us.  And of course, you can now follow her adventures both here, as well as on all our social media pages:   FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, and YOUTUBE !

Lilly 180682-P-B-TN ​

On April 15, 2018, Brian and I picked up our first Pointer Rescue, Org foster dog, Lilly.

Lilly is an orange and white English Pointer, and was found as a stray in Tennessee.  This (approximately) 2-year old Pointer ended up in a very urgent situation in an over-full kill-shelter.  Luckily , Pointer Rescue stepped in to help her!

These are Lilly’s shelter intake photos:

Meeting Lilly when we picked her up on her transport!


Welcome to your foster home and the start of a new life, Lilly!

Lilly was THE sweetest dog!  She was an extremely easy foster, as she had no issues being in a crate, was dog friendly, and learned commands quickly.  We did have to work very hard to slowly add some healthy weight to her, as by the time she got to us, she was very thin.

Lilly was so broken and neglected when she arrived … but the “after” results in a photo and what we see person are an amazing transformation.  It’s mind boggling to me how people can mistreat animals. The fact that these dogs can love and trust humans again after all they’ve been through just proves to me what amazing souls they are!  We are so happy we were able to help Lilly, but even more honored that we got to call her family for a temporary time.

You can click HERE to see Lilly’s freedom ride from the Tennessee shelter to us in New Jersey.  The album documents her time with us until she was adopted.

Thinking about fostering?  Pointer Rescue, Org is always looking for fosters so they can help more Pointers in need! Click HERE to apply to volunteer!

Mother’s Day 2018

Being a mother doesn’t mean being related to someone by blood. It means loving someone unconditionally and with all of your heart…

To all the dog moms out there who trade beauty sleep for dark circles, salon cuts for ponytails, late night parties for late night potty walks, sleeping-in for early morning face-licking-wake-ups, pedicures for PAWdicures, and designer bags for poop bags …

Happy Dog Mom’s Day! 🐾

6 Years Old

Happy 6th Birthday to Lager!!

May 13, 2018

For his special day, Lager got to do what he loves best: dock dive and swim (with the dock and lake all to himself!)!

Lager enjoyed his special birthday meals:

Breakfast: pancakes/scrambled eggs/bacon/blueberries

Dinner:  filet mignon/sweet potatoes/green beans/carrots/banana

 Dessert: Carob  cake!!