William Heritage Winery: Mullica Hill, NJ

William Heritage Winery  is family owned and operated, and located in Mullica Hill, NJ.

The outside patio is dog friendly, and the wines are probably some of the best we have tasted in NJ!

The Underwater Treadmill is a Great Low-Impact Workout!

One of the ways our pack stays fit during the off-season in the winter months is using an underwater treadmill.  We take our dogs to Dr. Fulton at V-Crest.

This type of exercise is beneficial to dogs as it uses the therapeutic properties of water to improve range of motion, strengthen muscles, and boost endurance.  The underwater treadmill is a low-impact, high-resistance workout that provides optimal training and conditioning. During the off-season, this activity provides a rigorous cardiovascular workout for our pups, with reduced impact and stress on their joints!

Barn Hunt at Tail Wagging Events

Rita and Limoncello have both earned their Rat I title (Instinct level), and both have one qualifying run for their Rat N title (Novice level).

We attended a barn hunt at Tail Wagging Events to see if we could both secure at least another qualifying run in the Novice level.

Unfortunately, neither team was able to do so, but we once again had a great time with our pups!

Margarita Graduates from Bachelor of Arfs Obedience Class!

Margarita attended an 8 week obedience course in preparation for her Therapy Dog registration.  During this class, Rita learned things such as:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Down
  • Back
  • Stand

Rita graduated with flying colors! So proud of this girl!

Brian had flowers waiting for Rita when we got home!

Rita Is Now a Registered Therapy Dog!

Those of you following along may remember that Margarita and I took a Therapy Dog Workshop in preparation for taking our Therapy Dog test.  I am proud to announce that Margarita and I passed the 4-part test to become a registered team with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs!

Margarita has already visited an assisted living home, a medical facility, and also participated in a local library’s children’s reading program!

Congratulations, Margarita!

Interested in becoming a registered therapy dog team with The Alliance of Therapy Dogs ? Click HERE on how to become a member, find a test/observer in your area, and view a test example.