5 Years

Happy 5th Birthday to our little Tennessee Whiskey (aka Wish and Wish the Fish ) You have matured such a great deal in the last year, but your BIG personality is still one of the most stubborn and vibrant I’ve ever seen. Your quirks and shenanigans bring a smile to others and your ability to entertain a crowd at a dock diving event without ever jumping in the water is an extraordinary skill! Thank you for challenging us on a daily basis to improve ourselves and for always making us laugh!

This is 5!
Breakfast: Pancake puffs (made with a cast iron Aebleskiver Pan) & sausage with a side of mixed berries
Dinner: Beef & veggie casserole (lean ground beef, peas, carrots, green beans, brown rice, shredded cheddar) and a side of applesauce
Dessert: PB & Apple crunch pup cakes

4 Years

Happy 4th birthday to Wish the Fish! (Or as mom says Weeeesh da Feeeeesh) Whiskey has reached her Fabulous Fours !

This is 4!
Breakfast: eggs over waffles with bacon, blueberries, and raspberries
Dinner: French cut pork chops topped with applesauce, apple slices, mixed veggies, and sweet potato 
Dessert: Peanut butter pupcakes with peanut butter-cream cheese icing 

Whiskey Turns ONE !

Whiskey’s First Birthday

December 31, 2018

Birthday breakfast:

Fried Egg, tater tots, bacon, pancakes, and banana

Birthday dinner:

Filet mignon, salmon, mashed sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, and pineapple



Birthday cake:

Birthday fun:

First “Big Girl car ride” using a car harness instead of traveling in a crate with her idol, Limoncello


Swimming indoors at Green Leaf Pet Resort with her idol, Limoncello

First Hike at Estell Manor Park