2019 DockDogs World Championship: Dubuque, Iowa

Our 5th year attending the DockDogs World Championship was fun and exciting! We want to congratulate all competitors for the accomplishment of making it to Worlds, and for the amazing performances of all your dogs! It was quite amazing to see world records being broken in person! We also would like to applaud all those who made finals! It was an honor to share the dock with you all!

First and foremost, we are beyond grateful that our pack had no health issues or injuries throughout the competition. We had an absolute blast playing with our pups and spending time with friends – both old and new. Four straight 8-hour long competition days was a lot to ask of our pups, and we are extremely proud of both their endurance and performance. Above all, our hearts are filled with joy to have seen our pups have fun all week long doing what they love best.


We could not have been more excited to see this little Dock Diving Diva back up on the dock! After a forced medical retirement, Limoncello kicked heart-disease-butt and was cleared to compete again. She did an amazing job during her competitions!


Brian and I could not be more proud…Hooch is the 2019 #1 ranked German Shorthaired Pointer!

We did not make it to the Gala since were were worried about leaving Porter at night. I regret not being able to be there in person to accept Hooch‚Äôs award, but after the year our pack had, just being at the World Championship was a blessing. Hooch‚Äôs achievement of the #1 ranking is an awesome bonus! Hooch, you are an amazing little dude…it has been my honor to be on the dock with you. I love you, buddy!

For those of you who don‚Äôt know Hooch very well, he started out as a pup scared of the water, then branded his signature ‚ÄúHoochie Hop‚ÄĚ ….and then quickly evolved into a pretty impressive jumper, earning DockDogs Most Improved Dog his first year if competition, as well as the #1 GSP 3 times now. Below is the link to the video of his progression from not jumping at all to soaring over 24 feet at 1 year old!

(Sound on)


Lager had an impressive showing, and was very close to making finals this year!


We very much appreciate all those who took the time to stop and say hello to Margarita while she was out-and-about since she was under the impression that it was her job to greet EVERYone in the competition arena!


Whiskey may not have gotten wet at the World Championship, but she sure won over the crowd with her shenanigans on the dock!


A HUGE heartfelt thank you to all those who stopped to say hello to Porter, asking how he was doing, and to those who kept an extra eye on him in Dog Town while we were on the competition floor. 

Hooch’s Subaru Gig!

Hooch was chosen to do a photo shoot for the 2019 Subaru Forester seat cover!

He is currently featured online in the accessory options when building your own Subaru Forester online, as well as in the accessories brochure within the dealerships.  Some dealerships also have a window cling that Hooch is featured on!

Did you know that Subaru works with the Southeastern Guide Dogs,  a non-profit organization dedicated solely to the task of helping blind men and women achieve independence through the means of a guide dog.  Subaru sponsors a number of events that fund the training and development of guide dogs, who will ultimately be paired with people who need them.

During the month of October, through the “Subaru Loves Pets initiative,” Subaru retailers also collect new pet supplies to donate to local animal organizations in the dealership’s communities, and provide shelter supply kits for fur-kids awaiting adoption. They also donate starter kits for new pet-adopting families.


A Dog Can Change the Way You See the World

We are super proud to announce that Cello’s Corner has been chosen to be ambassadors for Dog is Good!

Dog is Good is a Dog lifestyle company.  They create and market gifts and apparel for dog lovers! (How awesome is THAT?!)

This company also generously gives back to animal welfare organizations (even MORE awesome!)

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Amazon Influencer Program

We are proud to announce that we are now a part of the Amazon Influencer Program!

This program allows us to have our own page on Amazon with an exclusive URL to showcase the products that the pups and humans in our pack recommend to our followers! When Amazon customers shop through our storefront, we earn money on qualifying purchases.

We get asked very often about the things people see in our posts.¬† Now it’s even easier to compile and share items with our followers!

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Hooch Pooch

The Liver Killers have a VERY exciting announcement!

We “blended” to create a very cool “mixer-ship” with some “partners-in-lime!!”

Hooch is now the official Hooch Pooch for¬†O&O Hooch¬†– the endless mixer! Head over to their Facebook page and give them a “Like!” You can find out where to pick up some Hooch for yourself by clicking HERE.¬†Additionally, you can purchase Hooch online through their website (where you will find some great recipes too)! Stay tuned for more updates about our sponsorship, and more fun posts as The Liver Killers “Hooch-it-up!”

Hoochie’s Mama will be sporting some new bling up on the dock!

IMG_1943 (1)

Follow the liter and try some of these recipes…

or “Hooch it up,” and create your own concoction!

Fullscreen capture 832017 94450 PM.bmp

O&O Hooch is also on Twitter , Instagram , and SnapchatРbe sure to visit them!


Hooch Has His Own Greeting Card!

You may remember that when Hooch was a puppy, he won a contest to have his own greeting card.  Well, the greeting card is in print, and it will be ready for purchase after December 26, 2016!

Here is the original photo I took of Hooch in September of 2014.  Hooch was 4 months old in this photo, and was still afraid to go in the lake.  This sad little puppy face was laying on the dock at our house watching his big sis, Limoncello have fun diving and swimming!


Front of greeting card:


Wagging Tail Portraits has their Wet Nose Greetings in over 90 stores so far, including 10 Whole Foods Markets in the Mid-Atlantic area!

Each year, Wagging Tail Portraits donates a portion of their proceeds to animal rescue groups!

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Back of our watch:dsc07002

Suits and collars:file-oct-29-3-57-40-pm

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The Liver Killers are proud to announce that we are now sponsored by Ken Tidy Photography ! Ken Tidy has long been known as one of the most talented photographers in our area, capturing stunning action-packed images that truly express each dog’s individual personality. His images have been shared across the DockDogs world, and we are truly honored that Ken has chosen our fur-kids to represent his amazing work. We super excited about this sponsorship! Be sure to check out some of Ken’s amazing photography, and schedule a session with him to capture YOUR pup!
Website: www.kentidy.com
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The Liver Killers in Animal Wellness Magazine!

I had the wonderful opportunity to write my own article for Animal Wellness Magazine!  It was such a cool experience!

File Jul 21, 4 16 35 PM

Jenny and Rita (#9)File Jul 21, 4 18 53 PM

File Jul 21, 4 19 14 PM

Article (p26!)File Jul 21, 4 17 08 PM

File Jul 21, 4 17 31 PM

File Jul 21, 4 17 47 PM

File Jul 21, 4 18 04 PM

K-9 Magazine Features the Liver Killers!

See the online feature by clicking HERE!

Meet Three Dogs Sitting on the Dock of a Lake (& They Want You to Join Them!)

By  on May 13, 2016

‘Never let the odds keep you from doing what you know in your heart you were meant to do.’ This quote by H. Jackson Brown, Jr. most accurately describes how our pack, bred to carry out specific tasks, found a path to a quite different kind of ‘job’, says dog owner¬†Jenny Beadling, as she explains how alongside her husband Brian, their new home led them to find an unexpected path to follow into the dog world.

I wish I could say that Brian and I are credited with finding such a rewarding, bond-building sport, for our dock diving dogs, but all the acknowledgement belongs to Cello.

Let me start at the beginning.

When my husband, Brian, and I bought our dream home in Medford Lakes, New Jersey, we had no idea how much it would change our lives. Our dream home is a log cabin on a lake‚Ķonly it didn‚Äôt quite ‘look’ like a log cabin ‚Äď and, it wasn‚Äôt quite in ‘dream-home’ state when we bought it.

Our goal was to restore this historic log cabin to its original state and to fill it with decorations and mementos of the great town we live in, as well as items that would be relevant to the cabin and its history. Brian works in the mortgage industry, and was able to research back to the original deed of our home. He found out that the log home was built in 1927, and also discovered the name of the original owner. Out of curiosity, Brian Google-searched the man’s name. Low and behold, he came up in the search!

The search result that came up was linked to the English Setters Club, a local and nationally known club that conducts¬†field trials that are open to all pointing breeds. ¬†The original owner of our home owned a German Shorthaired¬†Pointer, named ‘Windy Spot’, who won many awards at the club for field trials. I called the club to see if I could get more information on this dog and his owner, or a picture of them that we could hang in our cabin.

When the man from the club called me back, and I explained my story, the other end of the phone fell silent. When I asked if he was ‘still there,’ he asked me to repeat where I lived ‚Äď what street, house, and so on. It turned out that the man I was speaking to was a direct family member of the man who built our log cabin back in 1927, needless to say, it was quite an interesting conversation!

Brian and I knew immediately that we needed to research German Shorthaired Pointers and we fell in love with the breed and all of their characteristics. We knew a GSP would be the perfect addition to our lifestyle, our family, and our lake home and we named our log cabin ‘Windy Spot,’ after the first dog that ever lived in our home.

In 2011 on Memorial Day, we met Limoncello, our now 5 year old GSP. Why ‘Cello’? Cello‚Äôs¬†full name is ‘Tommy D‚Äôs Limoncello.’

Tommy D was my Italian grandfather, who was quite the character, to say the least and was famous among his family and friends for his homemade Limoncello, with his secret recipe. Before he passed, ‘Pop Pop Tommy,’ revealed his secret recipe to the family and¬†Brian, as well as other family members, have been carried on the tradition of making homemade Limoncello ever since. When we saw Cello had yellow ‘bird dog’ eyes, we couldn‚Äôt think of a better name.

We found out rather quickly that Cello was gun-shy, not a usual characteristic of the breed. We knew GSPs need a ‘job’ to be content, but we were at a loss as to what job that would be since we knew that GSPs were bred to hunt birds. Brian found that Cello had a very strong toy drive, and began to incorporate games of fetch by throwing a tennis ball into our lake. Before we knew it, without any ball being launched, Cello began ‘flying’ off our dock over and over again, on her own. Neighbours began to notice and comment on how far she was jumping.

We happened to see an ad for a local dog festival that included dock diving. Knowing nothing about this sport, we were hesitant¬†but decided to sign up anyway. We entered Cello in the contest, and she came in 2nd Place! Brian was hooked, and Cello found her ‘job’!

As we signed Cello up for more contests, she quickly became a crowd favourite, and continued to soar her way into Finals, placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in every event. Cello was the number one ranked GSP in Warrior Iron Dog table in the world, and earned herself an invitation to the World Championship in each of the 5 possible disciplines!

I very much enjoyed traveling to events, taking pictures and video of Brian and Cello, and cheering them on.

However, I wanted to get more involved, which led us to add a second GSP, ‘Hooch,’ to our family in July of 2014. We came to find out that like his big sister, Hooch, too, was gun shy and at first, water-shy!

Hooch participated in his first official DockDogs competition in January¬†2015. Despite the fact that our goal was to get Hooch to run and jump his longest into the pool, he won the crowd over with his hesitation on the dock. He quickly became a crowd favourite as he hung over the edge of the dock ‘teetering’ back and forth, deciding if he should jump‚Ķ or not! The crowd loved the anticipation!


Hooch began to decide to jump more times than not, but would come to the edge of the dock, look around at the crowd cheering ‘HOOOOOOOOOOOOOCH!’ and at the last minute, pop into the pool, as if he had springs attached to his back paws. The crowds went wild, as his ‘pop’ had amazing height! Even though this pop only got him to about 6-8 feet into the pool, he quickly became well-known for his ‘Hoochie Hop.’

With each competition, Hooch increased his distance, earning a spot in finals, and placing in the top 3 of his division, all while keeping the crowd entertained. In just a short 6 months, he stopped his hesitation on the dock, and soared to an amazing 24‚Äô2′ in Big Air, stunning the spectators who once knew him as the dog who branded the ‘Hoochie Hop.’

Hooch now holds a prestigious National Elite Big Air title and has begun participating in Extreme Vertical competition, and has a personal best grab of 6‚Äô2.’ Hooch remains a fan-favourite, and receives some of the biggest cheers from the crowd with his signature springboard ‘pop,’ and his ability to ‘fly’ through the air.

Hooch earned himself an invitation to the World Championships in both Extreme Vertical and Big Air. He made finals in both and placed within the top 6 dogs in the world in his division. Hooch and I even won the 2015 DockDogs ‘Most Improved Team’ award! Hooch also was ranked the number one GSP in the United States for Big Air.

Hooch has become the talk of ‘Dog Town,’ as spectators and fellow competitors alike have said he is the dog to watch in 2016.

With Cello and Hooch in tow, we were not planning on having more than two dogs, however, in late August of 2015, we received a call about a retired Explosives Detection Canine who needed a home.

The reason we were sought out as a possible candidate for Lager (known then by his war zone name, Nayt) was because Lager decided that after serving his country for 18 months in Iraq, that he would much rather jump in the water. Upon his arrival back in the United States, Lager began to show distraction during training and would often dive into water, refusing to come out.

A search began to find a home that would have access to water, have knowledge of the GSP breed, and get Lager involved in dock diving…and we were the perfect match!

Lager began his dock diving career in August, just a week after joining our family, and was immediately a crowd favourite, receiving a standing ovation while he is on the dock, due to his service for our country.

Lager has also been involved in leading the spectators through the National Anthem at events. Within two months and just 2 National events, Lager soared to 20‚Äô3′ in Big Air, and a grabbed the bumper at a whopping 6‚Äô4′ in Extreme Vertical earning his invitation to the World Championship for Big Air, and placing within the top 6 dogs of the world within his division! We cannot wait to see what 2016 brings for him.

We enjoyed this sport and the joy it has brought our dogs so much, that we wanted to find a way to make dock diving a part of helping other less fortunate dogs and so to give something back, we donate all cash prizes won at their competitions to the German Shorthair Rescue of New Jersey, and all food, treats and toy prizes are donated to a local no-kill shelter.

We are fortunate to live on a lake, where all three pups swim daily¬†and practice for competitions where our lakeside yard has officially ‘gone to the dogs’.

We have installed a 40-foot turf runway and an Extreme Vertical rig so that all of our dogs can practice their Big Air jumps, and Extreme Vertical grabs. Our trio’s exercise regimen also includes strength and stability training, cardio, agility, hiking, swimming, treadmill, and running hills.

We never imagined being involved in a sport with our dogs but now we can’t imagine life without dock diving and its rewards.
Dock diving has brought much joy to all members of our pack.

This sport not only became the ‘job’ our dogs needed, it has also helped make a strong bond between two and four-legged family members even stronger. It has prompted us to increase our dogs‚Äô exercise and training even outside the sport.

We have travelled to and competed in over 10 states, and have encountered some of the coolest dogs, and nicest people we ever met.

Through our travels, and the dogs social media accounts, they have been recognised and approached in public by their followers up and down the East Coast. Their social media accounts have also promoted enquiries about the sport of dock diving and have motivated over 30 people and their dogs last year to join in on this fun activity.

Dock Diving may not be what our German Shorthaired Pointers were ‘meant’ to do, but they didn‚Äôt let that stop them from following their hearts, and beating the odds‚Ķall while helping less fortunate dogs, and inspiring others to try this amazing sport.

About the Author

Thinking about trying Dock Diving with your pup, but have more questions and want more information?

Visit our website at celloscorner.com where you will find more details and information on the sport.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us through our social media accounts on¬†Facebook @CellosCorner¬†‚Äď Twitter¬†@CellosCorner¬†‚Äď Instagram@celloscorner¬†or¬†Flicker.com.

Hope to see you on the dock!

Tidewater DockDogs End-of-Season Banquet

We were disappointed to have missed the Tidewater DockDogs banquet, especially because we won some great awards!

File Mar 10, 10 02 49 AM

File Mar 10, 10 01 53 AM

File Mar 10, 10 01 37 AM

File Mar 10, 10 01 21 AM

File Mar 10, 10 00 33 AM

This was the last of the banquets to wrap up an amazing 2015 dock diving season.

Keystone DockDogs 2015 End-of-Season Banquet

After a super-exciting season, we were so happy to be able to attend this year’s end of year banquet for Keystone DockDogs. ¬†Not only did we have a blast, we won a couple of family awards, ¬†and Hooch earned himself another trophy!

Awards for Most Addicted Teams and Families…

Brian and Jenny accepting their "Most Addicted awards

Brian and Jenny accepting their “Most Addicted awards

We MAY be addicted…just a little!…


Brian and Cello won 1st Overall for Place Iron Dog Warrior :

…And Jenny and Hooch were voted¬†Keystone DockDogs 2015 Most Improved Dog!

Chesapeake DockDogs End of Season Banquet

At the Chesapeake DockDogs End of Season Banquet, our pack was named “Most Addicted Family,” and Cello and Brian also were named “Most addicted Team.”
unnamed (3)

Cello and Brian¬†won a trophy for “Most Intense Team on the Dock”


Hooch and Jenny won “Rookie Team of ¬†the Year”unnamed (2)

Hooch and Jenny also won “Most Exciting Team to Watch”

unnamed (1)

It was a very exciting season for us, and we were honored to have been chosen for these awards!

2015 DockDogs World Championship

After an exciting drive out to Iowa, the days that followed were even more exhilarating! ¬† We are so proud to share this summary of ¬†our 3 pups’ World Champion performances!

unnamed (84)

The competition was held at the Five Flags Center in Dubuque, Iowa, located directly across the street from our hotel.

We waited in line outside the arena for  2 hours for official check-in:

Dog Town

The city of Dubuque shut down part of a street so that DockDogs could construct what’s known as “Dog Town” – where all the competitors set up. ¬†We could see the Dog Town tent from our hotel room.

JUST after we got done setting up in the Dog Town tent, a severe thunderstorm warning was issued, then a tornado warning was issued!   Thank goodness the tornado warning was downgraded, and we did not have to evacuate.

unnamed (78)

The Official Schedule:

unnamed (79)

BC = Brian and Cello, JH= Jenny and Hooch, and JL= Jenny and Lager

Seeing the competition floor for the first time at our Handlers Meeting:

unnamed (83)

We were beyond honored that our friends, Jen and Grace, also volunteers of the GSP Rescue of NJ, decorated their car window, and drove all the way from New Jersey to Iowa to route on the Liver Killers at the World Championship! ¬†Honestly, I don’t know what we would have done without them there. ¬†Jen and Grace gave our dogs potty breaks, took pictures and video, cheered us on, and made sure our dogs who were not competing were never left alone in their crates.

The Liver Killers

Limoncello (Handler: Brian)

ab2_1243_ybk-(ZF-2613-28877-1-001) (1)

Limoncello had an outstanding season.  Not only did she compete in Iron Dog in every event, she earned herself an invite in EVERY discipline possible:

  • Big Air (Master Division)
  • Speed Retrieve (Express Division)
  • Extreme Vertical (Cadet Division)
  • Iron Dog ¬†(Warrior Division)
  • Dueling Dogs (Class 4)File Dec 14, 4 00 24 PM

Brian really wanted to focus on Cello’s Iron Dog performance, so he declined all invites, with the exception of Iron Dog invitation. ¬†Just 3.5¬†weeks after an injury that occurred at The Pittsburgh Pet Expo, Cello was cleared by our vet to compete, and our little girl competed in Iron Dog at the World Championship with all her heart! ¬†Competing in Iron Dog means she had to participate twice in each of the three disciplines in order to accumulate Iron Dog points.

Her performance was awesome, and she also earned herself a new Personal Best in Extreme Vertical!

File Nov 29, 2 38 10 PM

Qualifier 1

  • Big Air: ¬†20’4″
  • Extreme Vertical: 5’2″
  • Speed Retrieve:¬†8.500 seconds
  • TOTAL IRON DOG POINTS: ¬†2720.81

File Nov 23, 5 55 16 AMQualifier 2

  • Big Air: ¬†20′ 6″
  • Extreme Vertical: ¬†5’6″ ¬†***New Personal Best***
  • Speed Retrieve:¬†8.482
  • TOTAL IRON DOG POINTS: ¬†2758.42

Cello doing Extreme Vertical:

Cello doing Big Air:

Although Cello did not qualify for Iron Dog Finals, she impressed the crowd with her endurance and efforts.  We are beyond proud of our little princess!

unnamed (95)

Hooch (Handler:  Jenny)

ab2_1165_ybk-(ZF-2915-43277-1-001) (1)

Hooch had an AMAZING first season of dock diving… in a matter of months, he went from being afraid of the water, to leaping over 24 feet! ¬†Hooch only participated in Big Air and Extreme Vertical competitions this year. ¬†He earned invitations to the World Championship for both of those divisions in Elite Division Big Air and Cadet Division Extreme Vertical. ¬†Hooch also qualified for BOTH division’s finals at the World Championship! ¬†If that wasn’t exciting enough, at the big gala, Hooch and I¬†won DockDogs 2015 Most Improved Team! ¬†Hooch is a very sensitive dog, and can be very skittish. ¬†We had several hiccups throughout the dock diving season¬†while up on the dock due to banners that blew off the pool, wind that caused the water in the pool to swirl, and light reflections in the water. ¬†When these things spooked Hooch, he refused to jump. ¬†It took a great deal of support and effort to get him over his fears and continue to perform consistently for the rest of the season. ¬†At the World Championship, he did an amazing job during his qualifiers for Big Air – he even made finals! ¬†However, the Elite Finals were chosen to be “Spotlighted” – held under the lights at night in the Arena. ¬†This means they shut all the lights of, and only ¬†had spotlights on the pool and dock. ¬†This also meant that Hooch was faced with darkness, shadows, and reflections from the spotlights. ¬†“Stage fright” set in during finals, and in the middle of running, he put his “brakes” on … skidding down the dock, and plopping in at 7’7″. ¬†On his second turn, he flat-out refused to jump, and we were timed-out. ¬†Although this was heartbreaking to¬†me¬†because I¬†felt like Hooch was afraid and confused as to why I’d¬†ask him to jump in what he considered “unsafe conditions,” I couldn’t be more proud of him, his huge accomplishments throughout the season, and his earned spot in both Big Air and Extreme Vertical Finals.

File Nov 19, 2 06 03 PM

During the “spotlighted” finals when Hooch got freaked out by the lighting

Big Air

  • Qualifier 1: ¬† ¬†¬†21’9″ ¬† ¬† ¬† 21’11”
  • Qualifier 2: ¬† ¬†23’0″ ¬† ¬† ¬† 23’3″ ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†Qualified for finals
  • Finals: ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† 7’7″ ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† timed out ¬† ¬† ¬† 6th Place

Hooch doing Big Air:

File Dec 14, 4 01 50 PM

File Nov 23, 5 53 40 AMExtreme Vertical

  • Qualifying Round: ¬†6’2″ ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†Qualified for finals
  • Finals: ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†6’0″ ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† 4th Place

unnamed (99)

Hooch doing Extreme Vertical:

Jenny and Hooch winning 2015 DockDogs Most Improved Team:

Words cannot express my excitement for this awesome award!


unnamed (92)

See just how far Hooch has come from 8 weeks old, to 1 year old, and 6 months of competing:


Lager (Handler: Jenny)

The fact this amazing boy earned his way to the World Championship in 2 months, and just 2 National level events, with no training, and with never having been on a dock before was unbelievable.  When he made the finals, we were filled with excitement and joy!


Our friend, Kiersten, caught us just at the moment we found out Lager made finals:

unnamed (86)


File Nov 23, 5 53 15 AMBig Air

  • Qualifying Round 1: ¬† ¬†17’11” ¬† ¬† 19’6″
  • Qualifying Round 2: ¬† ¬†19′ ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† 19’7″ ¬† ¬† ¬†Qualified for finals
  • FINALS:¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†17’7″ ¬† ¬† 18’8″

unnamed (96)

Lager doing Big Air:

A whole-lotta Liver Killers bling!

unnamed (7)

Besides medals and trophies, we¬†got some other pretty cool “bling” while at Worlds:

Out of thousands of dogs, only a few hundred are lucky enough to earn their invitation to the World Championship…out of those few hundred, only 6 dogs in each division make it to the finals…I can’t say enough how proud we are of our three fur-kids! 678

The Liver Killers: Dock Diving 2015 Season in Review


DSC02255 edited

The dock diving season technically ends in mid-October, with the World Championships being held in November.  We have officially completed our season, and what a season we had!

  • Cello had and absolutely incredible season, earning an invite to the World Championships in every discipline possible!
  • We thought Hooch would never jump – not only did he jump – he entertained everyone with the “Hoochie Hop” – -but only for a short time as he soared to over 24 feet in just 6¬†months of diving at a mere 1 year old! Hooch also ranked #1 German Shorthaired Pointer for Big Air in the United States, and 2nd GSP in the WORLD – by less than an inch!
  • Lager came in to our lives unexpectedly, and without any training, and jumped like a boss, earning an invitation to the World Championships after¬†participating in just 2 national events!
  • Limoncello was offered a sponsorship from TurboPUP.
  • Cello and Hooch¬†made the front page of the top local newspapers
  • News teams came to our house to do features¬†on Cello, Hooch, and Lager ¬†– and they all made the top TV news channels with their stories.
  • Cello and Hooch had a story published in a world-wide published magazine.
  • Lager had a story published in a local magazine.


834786 (1)-002

Brian’s main goal this season was to earn an invitation to the World Championship with Cello in Warrior Division Iron Dog (a combined averaged score of Big Air, Extreme Vertical, and Speed Retrieve). ¬†Not only did Brian and Cello¬†achieve this goal, they did so very early in the season at the Wild Card event at Cabela’s in West Virginia during the month of May!


Little did we know that was just the beginning¬†of Cello’s road to Worlds! ¬†Brian and Cello went on to earn an invite in Speed Retrieve (also earned at the¬†Wild Card event at Cabela’s in West Virginia)

Cello SR

But that’s not where Cello’s invites ended! ¬†She earned an invite for¬†Dueling Dogs, after participating in that discipline for the first time ever at the Mid Atlantic Regionals, held at Shipps Corner Pet Spa in Virginia Beach.

Cello Dueling Dogs

At the end of the season, we found out her rankings from sanctioned facility events also earned her an invite in Extreme Vertical, as well as Big Air!

Cello EV

Cello BA


  • BIG AIR:
    • 5th ranked German Shorthaired Pointer
    • Master Titled
    • 23′ 3″ average
    • 2nd ranked German Shorthaired Pointer
    • Express Titled
    • 7.964 average
    • 4th ranked German Shorthaired Pointer
    • Cadet Titled
    • 5′ 2″ average
    • 2nd ranked German Shorthaired Pointer
    • Warrior Titled
    • 2754.67 average


  • BIG AIR:
    • 4th¬†ranked German Shorthaired Pointer
    • Master Titled
    • 22’3″ average
    • 2nd¬†ranked German Shorthaired Pointer
    • Express Titled
    • 7.964 average
    • 4th ranked German Shorthaired Pointer
    • Cadet Titled
    • 5’2″ average
    • #1¬†ranked German Shorthaired Pointer
    • Warrior Titled
    • 2754.67 average

Cello ended the season with an injury.  While competing at the indoor event at the  Pittsburgh Pet Expo in Pittsburgh, PA, Cello slipped on the wet floor, and strained muscles in her neck and front leg.  Unfortunately this meant pain meds and lots of rest during the 2 weeks leading up to Worlds.  We are hopeful that she will be be back to 100% for the World Championship competition.

Windy Spot’s Homemade Hooch


As a puppy, Hooch wanted NOTHING to do with water of any sort. ¬†He slowly began to realize water wasn’t so bad, and cautiously went into our lake and into a baby pool. ¬†The weather quickly became what was to be the coldest, snowiest winter we’ve ever had, and access to water became difficult. ¬†We took Hooch to some indoor pools, were he felt comfortable jumping in at the water’s edge. ¬†However, when he found himself up on a regulation dock, which sits 2 feet above the water, Hooch gave dock diving a second thought. ¬†Hooch kicked off his dock diving career in January being very hesitant on the dock. ¬†He would run down the dock, get to the edge and “teeter” for a long while – sometimes not jumping and timing-out, and other times projecting himself off the edge of the dock as if he had springs in his back legs, only landing a few feet into the water! ¬†He quickly became a crowd favorite with his “Hoochie Hop,” as the crowd waited in anticipation to see if he would POP off the dock…or not! ¬†By about April, he was “hopping” out to about 7-8 feet, still hesitating, and still choosing not to jump at times. ¬†By May we discovered that with Jenny running down the dock with him, Hooch would hesitate less. ¬†This technique got Hooch leaping up to 17 – 18 feet by the beginning of June. By mid June we had switched to the “Place and Send” method, bringing Hooch to the very back of the dock (Thank you Frank Moraff for forcing me to do this!!) With that change came great results. ¬†Hooch jumped 21 feet in mid-June, and by the end of June soared 23’8″ and earned his invitation to Worlds at 13 months old ! By July,¬†Hooch jumped his current personal best, 24’2″, and also earned a¬†second¬†invitation to the World Championship for Cadet Division Extreme Vertical. ¬†In September, Hooch was nominated for “Most Improved” for the Golden Paw Awards, held at the Gala during The World Championship celebration, and was voted to be one of the finalists for the award.

Hooch BA

Hooch EV

Here is my absolute favorite¬†video from this season: ¬†It captures Hooch’s progression from being fearful of water, to his 23+ ft jump that earned him his Big Air Invite to the World Championship!


  • BIG AIR:
    • 2nd¬†ranked German Shorthaired Pointer
    • Elite¬†Titled
    • 23′ 7.4 ” average
    • 2nd¬†ranked German Shorthaired Pointer
    • Cadet Titled
    • 5′ 10.7″ average


  • BIG AIR:
    • #1¬†ranked German Shorthaired Pointer
    • Elite¬†Titled
    • 23′ 7.4 ” average
    • 4th ranked German Shorthaired Pointer
    • Cadet Titled
    • 5’2″ average

Brogan’s American Lager


Lager came home with us on August 23, apparently born to be a dock diver, not an Explosives Detection Canine! ¬†When the training company who had Lager (known then as Nayt) saw how much he loved the water, they contacted DockDogs in hopes to find a family who were familiar with the breed, had access to water for him to swim, and would promise to get him dock diving. ¬†Read the full story on how Lager became a part of our pack by clicking HERE! The first day Lager¬†came home, he was exposed to water, and had no fear ¬†of the lake, or jumping off the dock. ¬†He had a perfect sit-stay, and seemed like he came to us with the Big Air discipline of dock diving mastered! ¬†In less than a week’s time, Lager also picked up on Extreme Vertical, easily grabbing the bumper on our home rig. ¬†Lager competed in just 2 national level events, and earned himself an invitation to the World Championships in Big Air!

Lager Big Air Senior


  • BIG AIR:
    • 9th¬†ranked German Shorthaired Pointer
    • Senior¬†Titled
    • 19′ 10.4″¬†average


  • BIG AIR:
    • 7th¬†ranked German Shorthaired Pointer
    • Senior¬†Titled
    • 19′ 10.4″ average


The Liver Killers are also happy to report that through their 2015 winnings, an abundance of food, toys, and supplies were donated to the Animal Orphanage of Voorhees, NJ, and over $1,100 was donated to the GSP Rescue of NJ!


  • TV News:
    • Channel 6 ABC:¬†
      • Full story and news clip video: ¬†http://6abc.com/pets/2-south-jersey-dogs-are-national-dock-diving-champs/965961/
    • Fox 29:¬†
      • Full story and news clip video: ¬†http://www.fox29.com/news/29140110-story

unnamed (5)


In preparation for The Liver Killers World Championship competition in Dubuque, Iowa in November, we ordered some cool team gear:

Team Shirts and and Hoodies from CustomInk

When Custom Ink found out that The Liver Killers donate all their cash prizes to the GSP Rescue of NJ¬†, they made a donation to the rescue in honor of Cello’s Corner and The Liver Killers! How cool is that?!

Window decals for our vehicles from Vistaprint

Fullscreen capture 10312015 53548 PM.bmp

Car magnets from Vistaprint

Fullscreen capture 1132015 112738 AM.bmp

Team banner from Half Price Banners

Fullscreen capture 10312015 54033 PM.bmp

And of course, “pawtograph” cards – made by our friend, Mandy!

Fullscreen capture 10312015 54330 PM.bmp

Fullscreen capture 10312015 54405 PM.bmp

After the season our team has had, it won’t matter to us what happens at Worlds –¬†we are beyond proud of all three of our pups- and overjoyed that we have the opportunity to share this experience as a family!

As we begin to pack for our big adventure, we continue to reflect back on the amazing season these pups had.  We will cherish every memory Рthe highs and lows Рthe laughter and the tears Рthe (very) early mornings Рthe late nights watching EV under the lights Рand the comradery shared with friends at events.  We are truly blessed to be part of such a great community (humans and animals alike).  Never have we met such a large group of the nicest people who not only strive to improve within their own team, but will at the same time stop and help other fellow competitors to enhance their game, and applaud fellow opponents just as enthusiastically as they cheer on their own dog.   The patience, advice, support, and guidance we have received from friends, family, fellow competitors, and social media followers is overwhelming, and greatly appreciated.  Thank you all for being part of this thrilling escapade with us.  We look forward to writing the next chapter of this adventure together!


Hooch’s First Dance !

Blogville Sadie Hawkins Dance PAWty!

Hooch was asked by the beautiful Paisley to the Blogville Sadie Hawkins Dance PAWty!  

I have to admit he was super-excited – and what dog wouldn’t be ¬†– Hooch’s date was the prettiest gal at the dance!

Paisley and Hooch Sadie Hawkins 640

To read the full story, visit our friends over at Barking From the Bayou and read the details about the dance!

Wondering who the heck Sadie Hawkins is and why she has a dance named after her?  Today I Found Out has a great explanation:

Sadie Hawkins’ renown, which evolved into an American folk-holiday in some places, doesn’t really originate from a dance, but rather from a race, as we shall soon see. Sadie was the product of the fertile imagination of cartoonist Al Capp. She was a character in his popular cartoon Lil’ Abner, set in the hillbilly town of Dogpatch, that began its wildly successful 40 year run in 1934.

The way Al tells it, Sadie was the daughter of Hekzebiah Hawkins, one of the town‚Äôs first settlers, who had the dubious distinction of being the ‚Äúhomeliest gal in all them hills.‚ÄĚ After waiting not-so-patiently for 15 years for a suitor to show up at her door, not a single prospective husband arrived to court her. With each passing year, Sadie became more and more panicky, as did her father, who did not relish the idea of supporting a spinster daughter for the rest of her days.

So, figuring he had nothing to lose, he called all the unmarried men of Dogpatch together and declared it Sadie Hawkins Day. In a reversal of Atalanta‚Äôs race in ancient Greek mythology, the race placed Sadie in hot pursuit of the town‚Äôs bachelors; the ‚Äúlucky‚ÄĚ chap she managed to catch became her lawful wedded husband. Or, as her Paw explained it, ‚ÄúWhen ah fires [my gun], all o‚Äô yo‚Äô kin start a-runnin! When ah fires agin‚ÄĒafter givin‚Äô yo‚Äô a fair start‚ÄĒSadie starts a runnin‚Äô. Th‚Äô one she ketches‚Äôll be her husbin.‚ÄĚ Pure poetry.

The rest of the spinsters in Dogpatch thought the race was an excellent idea, and insisted upon making Sadie Hawkins Day a yearly and mandatory event, much to the horror of the bachelors in town, who apparently had no say in the matter. According to the strip, if a woman caught a man and dragged him, presumably kicking, screaming, and crying for mommy, over the finish line before the sun had set, by law he had to marry her. This had overtones of a caveman clubbing a woman and dragging her back to his cave, and was as close to women’s lib as you’d get at the time in popular entertainment.

This entire Sadie Hawkins Day story line was a plot device concocted by Al Capp for the romance between main characters Abner and Daisy Mae, which had a bit of a Ross and Rachel from ‚ÄúFriends‚ÄĚ quality to it. Eventually, Capp put everyone out of their misery and allowed the two characters to finally marry.

The dance didn‚Äôt appear in the strip until a bit later. The Sadie Hawkins Dance took place on the evening before the race, and the spinster girls traditionally wore hob-nailed boots to ‚Äúunintentionally‚ÄĚ stomp on the feet of the single men in attendance, which unfortunately (for them) might adversely affect their ability to run the next day during the race.

Sadie Hawkins Day as a popular culture phenomenon was all the rage on college campuses by 1939. According to Lifemagazine, over 200 colleges were celebrating a Sadie Hawkins Day that year, and it was obvious that the tradition was quickly gaining in popularity with the nation’s young people.

The question is ‚Äď why? One reason could be that as the nation was taking its first strides out of the Great Depression, a down-home low-cost activity like Sadie Hawkins Day was something that all could participate in, without the need to rent a tux or buy a gown as prom or homecoming would entail. There was also the naughty novelty of girls inviting boys for a social outing.

Compared to the Roaring ‚Äė20s, the ‚Äė30‚Äôs were considerably more sexually repressed. Gone were the flappers, bee-stung lips and bootleg whiskey. The depression brought with it a sober prissiness that made the very idea of a woman openly pursuing a man deeply offensive to many. But an approved activity such as Sadie Hawkins Day ‚Äď where a lady could state her choice with impunity and not be labeled a Jezebel ‚Äď while at the same time men could pretend to be horrified while secretly being titillated ‚Äď that‚Äôs a situation where everyone wins!

By 1952, it was reported that Sadie Hawkins Day was celebrated at over 40,000 different locations. In that year, Capp wrote:

It’s become my responsibility [to include Sadie Hawkins Day every year in the strip.] It doesn’t happen on any set day in November; it happens on the day I say it happens. I get tens of thousands of letters from colleges, communities, and church groups, starting around July, asking me what day, so they can make plans.

Eventually, it morphed into an event of an entire day’s duration that fell on the Saturday after November ninth.

For today’s young women, Sadie Hawkins Day doesn’t seem all that relevant anymore. But for a few decades in the middle of the twentieth century, it served as a social bridge between the years when women rarely left the home and the sexual revolution.

Limoncello and Hooch in the Central Record!

Brian and Jenny Beadling with their dogs, Limoncello, left, and Hooch.

Chicago had Air Jordan. Medford Lakes has Air Cello and Air Hooch.

Cello (short for Limoncello) and Hooch are owed by local residents Brian and Jenny Beadling. The dogs compete in dock diving competitions in which they get to show off their aerial skills. The two canines have literally jumped onto the scene and have earned invitations to the Dock Dogs World Championships. It all began shortly after the Beadlings moved to Medford Lakes in 2009. Cello was showing off his skills behind the house, and the Beadlings were already aware that dock diving competition for dogs existed. Brian soon realized Cello had plenty of elevation.

‚ÄúShe would be out back with us,‚ÄĚ said Beadling. ‚ÄúShe‚Äôd be jumping off the dock and I started to notice she goes pretty far. I knew that dock diving existed. There was a competition down in Tuckerton, New Jersey. We decided to go camp down there and enter Cello.‚ÄĚ

Cello made the most of his opportunity. Despite facing nearly 300 other dogs, Cello came in second in the competition. That’s when the Beadlings knew they had something special with their high-flying canine.

‚ÄúShe‚Äôs actually a very driven dog,‚ÄĚ Beadling said. ‚ÄúAs soon as I grab that toy, she‚Äôs howling and screaming and whining. All she wants to do is get on that dock. She shakes the entire time. The humans enjoy the competition, but the dogs enjoy the jumping.‚ÄĚ

While Cello is a four-year-old, Hooch has begun dock diving as a puppy. Hooch would follow his older friend around all of the time. After standing on the docks watching Cello perform, it did not take long for Hooch to follow in Cello’s paw-steps.

‚ÄúWe never thought he was going to jump,‚ÄĚ said Beadling. ‚ÄúWe didn‚Äôt want to force it on him. One day when he was about four or five months old, he just started jumping in the water. He‚Äôs been so fun to watch.‚ÄĚ

The dogs compete in events throughout the East Coast. Last June, Cello earned his birth in the world championship competition by competing as an Iron Dog and earning first place in the Warrior Division. Cello also had the fastest Express Division Speed Retrieve score at that same event. Cello has been selected to be sponsored by TurboPUP, which offers meal bars to active dogs.

Hooch is ranked as the No. 1 German shorthaired pointer in the United States and the No. 2 German shorthair in the world. The one-year-old recorded a jump of 23- feet 8-inches to win first place in the Big Air Competition Virginia Beach last June. Hooch added a jump of 24‚Äô2‚ÄĚ in Cape Charles, VA to set a new personal best.

In addition to the thrill of the competition, both dogs are getting the type of exercise which will help lead to a long and heathy life.

‚ÄúThey are well-trained athletes at this point,‚ÄĚ Beadling said. ‚ÄúThey‚Äôre very fit. It‚Äôs good for them. It‚Äôs also good for us. It keeps us active because we have to keep up with their training as well.‚ÄĚ

While the Beadlings are thrilled to see the success of their dock-diving dogs, they are also happy to see them be part of an organization which helps dogs across the country.

‚ÄúYou see a lot of good stuff that happens,‚ÄĚ said Beadling. ‚ÄúDock Dogs is full of great people. You see a lot of adoption stuff going on. Dock Dog International actually has its own charity called the Bark Foundation, which does a lot of charitable work for dogs in need. They‚Äôve done a lot to help as well.‚ÄĚ

With both dogs rapidly emerging on an international level, the sky is literally the limit for Cello and Hooch.

‚ÄúThey can compete up until they‚Äôre seven years old,‚ÄĚ Beadling said. ‚ÄúYou look at the world record when they first started doing this and it was something like 18 feet. Cello and Hooch currently jump between 24 and 26 feet. The world record is 31 feet. As you get better at training and technique, it seems like the dogs just keep going. We may never beat the world record, but it‚Äôs fun to try.‚ÄĚ

Read the story online by clicking HERE!

The Liver Killers on 6 ABC News!

The Liver Killers first time on the news! 

Nora Muchanic visited us at our home to do a story on the Liver Killers!

See the full story, plus a video of the news segment Рclick HERE!

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Most people just walk their dogs. But Jenny and Brian Beadling’s dogs go for a flying leap.

The German Short Haired Pointers (GSPs for short) are two of the top dock diving dogs in the country and also rated internationally.

Brian says, “They are fun, happy, energetic dogs who really love competing and playing. And they think of all of this as play, which is really exciting for us.”

And Jenny tells us, “They need extreme exercise and what you would think of as your exhaustion point is just their starting point.”

The dock at the Beadling’s Medford Lakes cabin has become a launching pad as these two pooches practice each day. In competition they are judged on how high, long and fast they can jump.

A room inside the Beadling’s house is filled with ribbons and medals.

Hooch is the number one ranked GSP in the country for “big air”; Cello is ranked number one for “iron dogs”, the canine equivalent of a triathlon.

Jenny says, “They can run for hours and hours and hours on end. And they will keep going, they’re working dogs. They will keep going until you shut them down.”

The newest member of the family is Lager, a former bomb sniffing dog for the U.S. government who served in Iraq.

Now Lager regular leaps into the lake with his new companions.

He is clearly adjusting to his new digs.

They are highly trained and these dogs may be world class dock divers, but if you ask me they look like they’re just having fun.

Brian explains, “The humans involved take the competition seriously. The dogs just enjoy being out with the owners, jumping in the water. To see them just have fun and love life it’s really fun for us as well.”

Jenny a special education teacher and Brian a mortgage banker, travel with the dogs to competitions several times a month. The cash prizes Hooch and Limoncello win are turned over to a GSP rescue group.

Jenny says, “The amount of work that goes into it and the enjoyment you see in the dog is the best.”

unnamed (4)

Courier Post Newspaper Article

Limoncello and Hooch made the top story on the front page of South Jersey’s newspaper!

The Courier Post sent a reporter and photographer to our home to do a story on The Liver Killers.  We had such a great time, and the story and video came out great!

Here’s the video:

And here’s the story:

MEDFORD LAKES ‚Äď Limoncello ‚ÄĒ Cello for short ‚ÄĒ greeted this reporter with a kiss and then turned her laser focus to the turf runway her owners, Brian and Jenny Beadling, built for her and her canine sibling, Hooch.

Cello had a job to do, and she was serious about it.

She had to get that ball.

And she was just waiting for Brian to toss it from the Beadlings’ dock and into Aetna Lake.

The 4-year-old German shorthaired pointer watched, waited, and then, while the bright orange ball with the blue stripe was in the air, ran and flung herself to retrieve it, landing with a splash and a big doggie smile, the ball in her mouth as she paddled ashore.

Cello and Hooch are among the top dock diving dogs not only in the nation, but in the world, as ranked by Dock Dogs, the national group overseeing the sport. The Beadlings’ dogs compete all over the East Coast, traveling year-round to competitions measuring lengths of their jumps and how high they go.

The pointers, bred to be hunting dogs, are a high-energy breed, Brian Beadling said. “They’re in the same line as vizslas and weimeraners.”

That means their owners have to be high-energy, too. “Their vet told us, ‘They have no “off” button,’ ” he said.

¬†“This is their playground; we just pay the bills,” Jenny Beadling said with a laugh.

Indeed, the Beadlings’ lakefront log cabin they dubbed “Windy Spot” looks as much like a retreat for the dogs as for the couple. There’s the runway which extends a few feet further into the lake, as well as a metal arm that swings out over the water for the dogs to jump and grab toys on their way down.

After buying the 1920s cabin in 2009, the couple worked to restore it and Brian Beadling, who works in the mortgage business, researched the home’s history. He found the home’s original owner had a German shorthaired pointer named Windy Spot, and that was the first the couple had heard about the breed.

Windy Spot ‚ÄĒ the dog ‚ÄĒ had won several field awards with a local dog club and so the couple, after more research, decided on the breed. They got Limoncello in 2011 from a Chatsworth farm and named her for Jenny’s grandfather’s special homemade Italian liquor.

Hooch ‚ÄĒ Beadling calls him the “goofy little brother” ‚ÄĒ is a year old and was initially reluctant to go into the water. But at 15 weeks, he decided Cello shouldn’t have all the fun and, as Jenny Beadling says, “We haven’t been able to keep him out of the water since.”

Kathy Parkin helps the dogs keep fit by working with them at Pinelands Dog Training Center in Medford. She’s been working with Cello and Hooch for about 10 months, she said.

“The dogs love it,” said Parkin, who’s been a trainer for 12 years. “We work with them to build their core and leg muscles, work on agility exercises, stretching, stability.”

The Beadlings travel two to four times each month with the dogs, loading them into their brand-new GMC Denali (which already has logged 20,000 miles since November). They choose campgrounds and dog-friendly restaurants when they travel, treating Cello and Hooch as full members of the family.

“If they can’t go, we don’t go,” Jenny Beadling said. “But they’re great dogs, very well-behaved.”

The competitions pay $100 for first-place finishes; $50 for second, but Cello is sponsored by Turbo Pup, a meal supplement for dogs.

All cash prizes, she said, go to the dogs: GSP Rescue of New Jersey, a nonprofit dedicated to the breed. Contents of their prize bags, like food, treats and toys, are all donated to the Animal Orphanage in Voorhees.

“They’re great people, too,” Parkin said of the Beadlings.

Phaedra Trethan: (856) 486-2417; ptrethan@gannettnj.com

Here’s the link to the online story and video:


Limoncello and Hooch in “The Bark” Magazine!

Cello and Hooch’s feature in The Bark Magazine!


unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)

About The Bark:

“The Bark is the magazine of modern dog culture‚ÄĒit speaks to the serious dog enthusiast. The Bark is the indispensable guide to life with dogs, showing readers how to live smartly and rewardingly with their canine companions. Founded in 1997, as a newsletter to advocate for off-leash dog parks in Berkeley, California, the magazine quickly grew into a glossy, award-winning publication acclaimed for its timely commentary and rich literary offerings. Today, The Bark has a nationwide readership of over 250,000. It is published four times a year, available by subscription and sold at Barnes & Noble, Whole Foods and PetsMart stores.

Claudia Kawczynska and Cameron Woo founded The Bark in their garage, shortly after adopting their first dog, Nellie, and discovering it was illegal to allow their dog to romp untethered at their local park. The couple tapped into Kawczynska’s experience in public policy and Woo’s skills as a graphic designer to craft a publication that addressed the burgeoning issues faced by a new generation of dog owners.

Taking the magazine‚Äôs slogan to heart‚ÄĒDog Is My Co-Pilot‚ÄĒThe¬†Bark became the first magazine to tap into the exploding phenomena of dog culture and lifestyle, focusing on the growing bond between individuals and their pet companions. Over the past twenty years, The¬†Bark has chronicled the America‚Äôs love affair with dogs, the evolving status of canine pets and their role in society, as well as the incredible rise in services and products. The¬†Bark has become the recognized expert on the social/cultural world of dogs in America, and what they mean to us.

The Bark‚Äôs impeccable pedigree includes publishing many of today‚Äôs most acclaimed authors including Ann Patchett, Augusten Burroughs, Rick Bass, Amy Hempel, and Pulitzer Prize winning poet Mary Oliver. The magazine features the writing of noted experts in science, animal behavior and health‚ÄĒDr. Nicholas Dodman, Donald McCaig, Mark Derr, and includes animal behaviorist Patricia McConnell and nutritionist Marion Nestle as regular columnists.

The Bark has been twice honored with an Alternative Press Award for Best Magazine (lifestyle category) recognized for outstanding achievement in independent publishing. The Bark has also been honored with an Award of Merit from The Society of Publication Designers and a Folio Silver Award for Best Enthusiast Magazine. In September, 2003, Crown (Random House) published Dog Is My Co-Pilot: Great Writers on the World‚Äôs Oldest Friendship, an anthology from the editors of The Bark. The Bark‚Äôs second collection, entitled Howl: A Collection of the Best Contemporary Dog Wit was published in October 2007. DogJoy, a photo book featuring the magazine‚Äôs popular ‚ÄúSmiling Dogs‚ÄĚ submissions was¬†published in November 2009 by Rodale.”

~from The Bark’s Website

Hooch’s Second Invitation to the DockDogs World Championships!

It’s official! ¬†Hooch’s Extreme Vertical Invitation came via email today!

He earned this by coming in first place in the Cadet Division Extreme Vertical discipline at the Bark in the Park Wild Card event!

Hooch EV

Hooch Ranked #1 GSP in the United States!

As of now, Hooch is ranked THE #1 German Shorthaired Pointer in the United States with a DockDogs Big Air average of 23′ 7.4″unnamed (1)

His current average also ranks him the #2 German Shorthaired Pointer in the World!!

Words cannot describe how proud I am of this boy!

Limoncello and Hooch Featured on AKC’s WOOFipedia!

Limoncello is featured on the American Kennel Club’s online publication, WOOFipedia!

Taken from: http://www.woofipedia.com/articles/meet-the-dog-who-can-fly


Posted By: Liz

Jenny and Brian Beadling had no idea they were raising a prodigy.

Their German Shorthaired Pointer, Limoncello, never took to the sport her breed is known for‚ÄĒhunting‚ÄĒbecause she had a fear of guns. But she still had that GSP high drive, which she‚Äôd exert by jumping off the dock of the family‚Äôs lake house to retrieve toys they‚Äôd thrown in the water. ‚ÄúWe began to notice at a very young age, she would jump off the dock just for fun‚ÄĒeven with no toy being thrown for her,‚ÄĚ Jenny Beadling says. So when the family saw a ‚Äúdock diving‚ÄĚ event¬†for dogs at a local festival, they thought, ‚Äúwhy not?‚ÄĚ

And so, a star was born.

Limoncello (or Cello for short) came in second place in that first event and in the year and a half that followed, she’s become one of the highest-ranked dock-diving GSPs in the world.

Cello competes as an ‚ÄúIron Dog,‚ÄĚ meaning that she participates in all three dock-diving events, including Big Air (long jump), Extreme Vertical (high jump), and Speed Retrieve (timed retrieving). And this November, she‚Äôll be one of the dogs¬†representing the USA at the DockDogs World Championship¬†in Dubuque, Iowa. She’s also inspired her little brother, Hooch, to try out the sport.

And like any pro athlete, Cello has earned endorsement deals. TurboPup selected Cello to be the ambassador for their human-grade meal-replacement bars for active dogs on the go. Her social media accounts have attracted tens of thousands of followers, and she’s been featured in multiple publications.

‚ÄúWith her vibrant personality, extreme speed, and stunning build, she is a crowd favorite,‚ÄĚ says Beadling.

But she’s not in it for the fame and fortune. The Beadlings donate all the cash awards won by Cello and Hooch to the German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue of NJ, and all of their food and toy prizes go to a local animal-welfare organization.

You can see the original story by clicking HERE !

Hooch’s First Invitation to Compete in the DockDogs World Championships!

At the DockDogs Mid Atlantic Regional event held at Shipps Corner, in Virginia Beach, Hooch won first place in his division finals to earn an invitation to compete at the World Championships this November! Read the details about this event HERE!
Hooch BA

Featured Story in Cabin Life Magazine

Cello, Hooch, and their Windy Spot Cabin were featured in the August edition of Cabin Life Magazine, published on June 16, 2015!

cabin life cover



You can see the online version of this story plus additional bonus web-exclusive photos by clicking HERE.

For more renovation pictures of Windy Spot Cabin, visit our Windy Spot Cabin section of the website!

TurboPUP Ambassadors

As some of you may have noticed, we now have a TurboPUP badge on the home page of our blog.


Limoncello and Hooch are VERY proud to announce that they have been chosen to be ambassadors for TurboPUP (as seen on Shark Tank!!) 

Click HERE to see Shark Tank episode Рstart at the 21:30 mark.


TurboPUP was founded by Kristina Guerrero (who’s nicknamed “Turbo”). In 2011, Kristina was on a back-country ski trip, and found her self without sufficient¬†food for herself, and her rescued pup, Dunkan. ¬†Kristina created a complete meal bar for dogs, packed with nutritious calories from 100% American sourced, grain free, all natural, human grade ingredients. ¬†Some ingredients are organic as well! Check out TurboPUP’s products and place your order by clicking HERE¬† or click HERE to see a list of retailers that already carry TurboPUP!


Not only are these meal bars packed with quality ingredients and calories for your pup, but 5% of the profits are donated to causes in support of dogs and Veterans!

Cello and Hooch are now a¬†part of the TurboPup team, representing TurboPUP , and promoting the company’s products during all of their dock diving, camping, and hiking adventures! ¬†They will soon be on TurboPUPs website, and will be featured periodically on TurboPUP’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

Cello and Hooch were featured along with TurboPUP in the GSP Rescue of NJ’s newsletter, as well as on Barking from the Bayou’s BFTB NETWoof News!

GSP Rescue of NJ Newsletter:  

Click HERE to read the entire newsletter.

Fullscreen capture 4272015 63336 PM.bmp

…and click HERE to see Cello and Hooch featured in the Sports section of Barking From the Bayou’s Monday news post!


 If you like to go on adventures with your four-legged family members like we do, TurboPUP is an easy, compact, and healthy way to fuel your on-the-go pup!

Find out more HERE!

Liebster Award Nomination – Our First Blogging Award!



This is our first ever blogging award!

Cello’s Corner¬†has been nominated for the prestigious blogging Liebster Award by canine friends, Buzz and Missy, and their mom, Barbara, over at¬†k9sovercoffee.com¬†!

We want to thank you, Buzz,Missy, and Barbara, not only for this nomination, but for all your support, advice, and encouragement as Jenny continues to learn the “how-to’s” of blogging!

It was fun¬†answering the questions that were presented ¬†to us by ¬†k9sovercoffee.com¬†! I hope you enjoy reading some new, or unknown facts about our pack. ¬†Incorporated throughout this post are lots of pictures within our¬†responses. ¬†I hope that you take delight in the¬†“visuals” of our replies as well!

Here are our 11 Questions from K9sOverCoffee:

1. What is your & your pup’s favorite outdoorsy activity & why?

Our pack’s¬†favorite outdoorsy activity is hiking. ¬†In fact, we have a post that explains the benefits of hiking with your dog, as well as a whole section of our blog dedicated to¬†Cello and Hooch’s hiking adventures! ¬†We enjoy hiking because it provides many benefits to Cello and Hooch, such as exercise, bonding time with their human pack members, variety in their surroundings to keep them stimulated, and socialization with other pups and “peeps” on the trail! ¬†Hiking also benefits the two humans of our pack (Jenny and Brian) by giving us an opportunity to exercise with our pups, relieve the stress of our day, reward us with a sense of accomplishment, and (my favorite!) it allows for many, many breathtaking views and picture opportunities!

  photo 4unnamed  unnamed (3)photo 2 (2)


2. Does your pup have a favorite sleeping position?

Yes, and Yes! ¬†Cello’s favorite position is either curled up under the covers, or cuddled up with her favorite “baby,” Lamb Chop.¬† Hooch’s favorite sleeping position is on his back, with his legs spread wide open, as he snores (loudly!)

     unnamed (11)    unnamed (7)    unnamed    

3. Have you had any crazy vet expenses?

Luckily (knock on wood!) we have been fairly lucky with vet expenses. Although Cello has had many issues since she was a pup, and is currently dealing with a skin and liver-value issue, our expenses have not been outrageous, as we have experienced in the past with both of our Miniature Pinschers. ¬†Once we were out of the “puppy shots” stage with Hooch, we have been very fortunate with his health and vet expenses as well.

4. What are your thoughts on dog insurance ~ yay or nay?

Yay…yay…YAY! ¬†As I mentioned in #3, we had 2 Minature Pinschers (Dante and Cleopatra) (who have since passed), who had many health issues throughout their lives. ¬†We did not have insurance for either of them. ¬†Both had severe health problems¬†their entire lives, and both fell very, very ill in the their old age. ¬†We spent thousands (AND thousands) of dollars at a time during these episodes, and regretted not having insurance. ¬†When we brought Cello and Hooch home, the first thing we did is sign up for insurance! ¬†I know of several people who all use different companies, but we went with VPI Pet Insurance through a recommendation of our prior vet, and we have had great experiences with them so far.

5. Do you feed raw food or have you considered it?

At the moment we do not feed raw. ¬†For dry kibble, we feed¬†Orijen to both Cello and Hooch. ¬†Hooch is on the “Puppy Large”¬†variety, and Cello is on the “Six¬†Fish” Variety. ¬†Both pups get a hard-boiled organic egg twice a week, and both get daily additions of Grizzly Salmon Oil, Coconut Oil, and Nupro in each of their meals. ¬†In the recent past, we had given thought to switching over to raw when it was discovered that Cello not only had a chicken allergy, but also had crystals in her urine, and a skin disorder. We did lots of research, and decided to try our current feeding option for Cello first. ¬†We switched to Six Fish Orijen, increased her water intake, increased her protein by adding organic cooked bison, salmon, and eggs to each of her meals. ¬†Cello also gets an additional supplement of Milk Thistle to help regulate her liver values. ¬†So far this has ben beneficial to Cello, and has improved her conditions. ¬†However, if we find that her nutritional intake is not keeping her as healthy as can be, we will again look into the option of feeding raw.

6. If you use specific poop bags ~ do you have a favorite brand? (we love Mutt Mitts)

We do not use specific poop bags, but do carry LOTS of them everywhere we go, as both Cello and Hooch are masters of relieving themselves in THE most embarrassing places on the occasion we have forgotten our poop bags, or have not brought enough!

unnamed (13)

7. What brought you to the blogging world (other than your pawsome pup)?

Cello is the sole reason the blog was created! My goal was to document our adventures, and share with the world the abundance of love and joy Cello (and now Hooch!!) bring to us each and every day!

8. Does your K9 have a feline best friend?

Cello and Hooch have a feline brother-from-another-mother, named Loki, named (quite appropriately) after the Norse god of trickery and mischief!¬† Loki thinks he is “just one of the dawgs!” ¬†He has a funny personality, and loves to snuggle¬†with his pack, meows for treats, and follows us everywhere we go in the house!

   photo photo 2 unnamed (14) unnamed (15) 

 9. What does your perfect Saturday (or other day off) look like?

Ahhh, the weekend – ¬†a day off means a day of fun…our favorite! ¬†Our perfect weekend day¬†is doing what we enjoy with Cello and Hooch. ¬†We are fortunate to live on a lake, so some weekend days we enjoy just sitting on our dock, letting Cello and Hooch dive and swim. ¬†We also enjoy hiking with Cello and Hooch, and seeking out dog-friendly attractions, historical sites, and¬†wineries / breweries (Cello even knows how to sit on a bar stool, and has been served a drink {of water!} at the bar!) ¬†Cello and Hooch also participate in dock diving competitions, so on many Saturdays and Sundays we are at events with family and friends, which we also enjoy very much enjoy!

   lakeDSC05126   DSC02326-001DSC05085

DSC05796photo 3 (1)    photo 4 (2)unnamed (1)

 DSC07633DSC00437    DSC09973DSC00022

unnamed (25) photo 3 (2) photo 4 (6) photo 3 (1)  DSC08199 DSC01064 DSC01660       DSC02615 DSC02639

10. Does your pup like his paws handled?

We have tried our best to pet, touch, and message both Cello and Hooch all over their body since they were small pups, in hopes to make them comfortable with being handled either by us, or a veterinarian.  Both Cello and Hooch are really great about letting us touch their paws and trim their nails.

unnamed (12)

11. Do you indulge in doggie kisses?

Definitely – – and and as often as we can!

  photo 3 (5)    unnamed (6)   unnamed (5)

11 Random Facts about our Pack:

1. ¬†Cello’s full name is “Tommy D’s Limoncello,” and¬†originates from Jenny’s grandfather’s homemade Limoncello recipe.

                                                                                                                                      pop pop

2. ¬†Cello¬†and Hooch live in an authentic log cabin, built in 1927. ¬†Jenny and Brian have been¬†(slowly!) renovating the cabin themselves over the past five years, back to it’s original beauty.

  IMG_1606 IMG_2868 DSC08578 DSC08569 IMG_3029

3. ¬†Hooch’s full name is “Windy Spot’s Homemade Hooch,” and is a combination of the name of our cabin, and the homemade Limoncello in #1. Read the full story HERE!

4.  Our entire pack volunteers for the German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue of NJ by doing home visits, calling potential adopters, transporting dogs, volunteering at events, and fostering. Cello and  Hooch very much enjoy volunteering as donation dogs while Jenny and Brian help educate others about the GSP breed and rescue.

DSC06761     DSC06537     DSC05834 DSC05900

5. ¬†Cello’s DockDiving Big Air personal best (distance) is 23′ 7″ … and Hooch’s is 16′ .

6. ¬†Cello has visited¬†9 states in her 3 years, and Hooch has vacationed in¬†6 states in just his short 8 months!! ¬†…Hooch has spent more weekends away, then he has at home!

7.  We love to go camping!!

 photo 1 (1) photo 3 (1)  photo 1 (8)

8. ¬†Since there have been so many recalls on food and treats, ¬†Jenny started “Cello’s Cucina,” and bakes homemade treats for Cello and Hooch.

  DSC09205    DSC08682

Evernote Camera Roll 20130710 195744    unnamed (1)

9.  Cello has appeared in the newspaper for Halloween and dock diving, and has been featured in a calendar as well as in The Dog Show Journal.  Hooch recently won a contest and is going to be featured on a greeting card.


DSC08555  TheDogShowJournalFeature

unnamed (4)

10. ¬†Cello has ridden on a public bus, a ferry (to both Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard!), a tour bus, ¬†and a golf cart during our traveling adventures.

photo 1 (17)     photo 5 (13)

photo 1 (18)    photo 4 (15)

11. ¬†Cello and Hooch’s coloring is called “Liver.”

Our Nominations:

  1. The Little GSP:¬†Annie blogs about the food, running, hiking, and of course, her little GSP, Piper! ¬†¬†The Little GSP¬†is who inspired me to share Cello and Hooch’s adventures through blogging!
  2. Barking From the Bayou: A blog about funny dog stories, important pet information, and lots of great pictures of Bentley the Bassett Hound! ¬†M.K. Clinton also does a great¬†Monday ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†NETWoof News post every Monday that you won’t want to miss. ¬†Don’t forget to check out M.K. Clinton’s book series, The Returns, also! M.K. Clinton has been one of our biggest supporters on all of our social media!
  3. Running With Sam: Aimee shares running stories and gorgeous photos of her and her dog, Sam, on their running adventures in Colorado.
  4. The Adventures of Sawyer:  This blog follows the daily adventures of Sawyer, a 3 year old Jack Russell Terrier, who lives in Salt Lake City, UT.
  5. My Goodness: ¬†Jordyn blogs about¬†exercise tips, clean eating habits,¬†and random¬†GOODNESS¬†with her¬†friends and family…and she has 2 GSPs, Guinness and Daisy!
  6. 2 Brown Dawgs: Escapades of super-cute Chesapeake Bay Retrievers!
  7. Tails of a Foster Mom: Rebecca shares stories about her foster pups, and all that she has learned about dogs along the way.
  8. The Adventures of a Dog Mom: Emily shares her adventures with her two cute Labrador Retrievers.

11 Questions For Nominees From¬†Cello’s Corner:

  1. Most bloggers have a moment where they say to themselves, “I need to tell the world about this!” What was that moment for you?
  2. What is the craziest thing you have ever done with your dog(s).
  3. More and more establishments¬†are starting to become¬†pet-friendly. ¬†What are your thoughts on this policy? And do you hope that it becomes more of the “standard” in the future?
  4. Have you have taken your dog to a dog-friendly winery/bar/restaurant/attraction?  If so, what was your favorite place, and why?
  5. What is your favorite game to play with your dog?
  6. Does your dog sleep in bed with you?
  7. What is the silliest thing you have ever seen your dog do?
  8. Does your dog participate in any organized activity, competition, or sport?
  9. What type of training do you use with your dog?
  10. How many dogs total do you have?  Have you ever thought about adding another to the pack?
  11. Do you carry a first aid kit with you when traveling with your dog?  If so, what do you think are the most important items you have in your kit?


What To Do If Nominated:

Should you accept this award, you’ll need to know the rules, which are:

  1. Acknowledge and accept the Liebster Award by leaving a comment on the blog where you were nominated.
  2. Copy and paste the Liebster logo onto your own blog.
  3. Link back to the blogger who awarded you.
  4. Answer the 11 questions put to you by the person who nominated you.
  5. List 11 random facts about yourself.
  6. Nominate and link to 3‚ÄĒ11 other blogs you enjoy that have less than 3000 followers.
  7. List 11 questions for your Liebster Award nominees on your blog.
  8. Inform your nominees by leaving a comment on their blog.

We’re looking forward to reading our nominees’ answers, should they accept the Liebster Award!

Thanks again for the K9sOverCoffee pack for nominating us!


Hooch’s Mug on a Greeting Card!

Hooch was the winner of Wagging Tail Portraits’ Facebook That’s Your Pet¬†contest!

unnamed (4)

His cutie-patootie face will be inspiration for one of Wagging Tail Portraits’¬†future Wet Nose Greetings¬†Cards! ¬†Hooch will also be featured on Wagging Tail Portraits blog, Wagging Tales.”¬†We¬†will also receive 50 complimentary cards and an 11×14 print of the painted illustration.

We are so proud of you, Hooch!

Hooch Wins Keystone DockDogs “Dog You Want to Dognap!”

Hooch spent the 2014 season too young to participate in DockDogs competitions.  However, as he tagged along to all the events, and cheered his big sis on, he won over the hearts of many!

photo (8)

Everyone wanted a turn to hold Hooch at events!


Being a cheerleader is tiresome work:


Hooch even volunteered his time as a donation dog for the GSP Rescue of NJ while intently watching his big sis dive off the dock:DSC06537

People would get a kick out of how intensely Hooch studied the moves of Limoncello while she was on the dock:


In October, one month shy of being old enough to participate in an official DockDogs event, we introduced Hooch to the dock diving pool by letting him go down the ramp.


At the 2014 End-of-Season Keystone DockDogs Banquet, Hooch received a trophy for being the dog everyone wanted to dognap!

unnamed (8)

Featured As “Instagram of the Day” on New German Shorthaired Pointer Blog!

Cello and  Hooch have been chosen to be featured on a new blog started by the parent of an adorable GSP named Soda.

This blog is dedicated to German Shorthaired Pointers!  Click HERE to check it this new blog!

Click HERE to see Cello and Hooch’s feature!

Fullscreen capture 12222014 91154 AM.bmp

Also check out Soda’s Instagram account by clicking HERE !

Hooch Graduated From “Terrible Teens” Class!

Hooch graduated from his “Terrible Teens” class at WonderDogs! ¬†This class revolved around¬†basic obedience, with a primary focus on how to apply¬†these exercises to produce a well-mannered pup. Discussions on dogs’ behaviors, and solutions to common puppy problems at this stage of the dogs’ lives took place at the beginning of each class.

grad 2

What’s next for Hoochie?? …Hooch will be enrolling in “Finishing School” at Wonderdogs to continue his obedience training! This next-level class will work on¬†fine-tuning Hooch’s understanding of basic obedience exercises, and help increase his focus during distractions. ¬†“Finishing School” is also a preparatory course for passing the AKC’s Canine Good Citizenship certification test.

grad 3

Congratulations, Hooch!  We are very proud of you!

grad 1

Both Cello and Hooch graduated from WonderDogs Puppy Head Start Class.  Check out their Graduation pictures:

CLICK HERE for Cello’s Puppy Head Start Graduation

CLICK HERE for Hooch’s Puppy Head Start Graduation

Hooch Graduated From Puppy Head Start Class, WonderDogs, Berlin, NJ

After 6 weeks, Hooch graduated from his Puppy Head Start class at WonderDogs in Berlin, NJ, where Cello has also taken many classes.

Puppy Head Start is for puppies that are between the ages of 9 to 16 weeks at the start of class. This class is an introduction to puppy raising and management. Lessons taught included polite greeting behavior, walking on leash without pulling, the emergency down (drop), leaving things alone when told to, discussions on mouthing, house-training, safe socialization, and other subjects of importance to puppy owners.  Each class lasted approximately an hour, including supervised playtime.

IMG_1271 unnamed (2)

Hooch got a Philadelphia Eagles Jersey, Eagles tug-toy, and a foot ball for graduation gifts ūüôā

Hooch’s next class: ¬†“Terrible Teens!” ¬†This class is¬†for adolescent pups¬†from 17 weeks to 12 months.¬†This class will center¬†on basic obedience,¬†with a primary focus on how to utilize these exercises to produce a well-mannered pup. Discussions in class will center on exploring our dogs’ behaviors, and solutions to the problems commonly seen at this developmental stage.