The Liver Killers…Now Sponsored By Undone Watches!

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Back of our watch:dsc07002

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Halloween 2016

Happy HOWL-oween 2016 from The Liver Killers Team!

The Referee:

The Referee

The Cheerleader:

The Cheerleader

…and the “Playa’s”:


“Zen Clipper” Took the Stress Out of Our Pack’s Nail Clipping!

Trimming nails is a part of having 4 legged children.  Nails that are too long can chip or break, causing a painful condition for your pup.  Additionally, nails that are too long can make it difficult or painful for your dog to walk. In extreme cases, the nail can even begin to curl under and embed itself in your dog’s paw pad (ouch!)  We trim our pack’s nails about once a week. The boys, Lager and Hooch, need a good trimming each week.  The girls, Limoncello and Margarita, usually don’t need much at all.  Every dog’s nails grow at a different rate, and some dogs wear their nails down naturally with their day-to-day activities.  No matter what your pup’s daily schedule is, nail trimming is a must.  But what do you do when your pup is not a fan of nail trimming, or your dog has dark nails, and you are fearful you will cut the quick? (double ouch!!)

I have to admit, I have always been too nervous to trim our fur-kids’ nails.  However, during our once a week “spa night,” I clean ears and teeth, while Brian cuts nails.  Although Brian is perfectly comfortable doing this, it has always been a chore to “guess” where the quick is in our dogs’ nails since three out of the four dogs have extremely dark nails. Dark nails make it impossible to see the quick, and Brian has on more than one occasion nipped the quick. This is painful for the dog, and has made both of us feel very badly.  

That is why I was super excited when we were asked to try the Zen Clipper. We were sent a sizing chart to help us choose which size clipper would be best for our dogs.  


After following the easy measurement directions, we decided that Blue Size 7 was the correct size choice for our pack.



When our clipper arrived, I was impressed with the packaging, and clear directions.

I loved that the clippers were not bulky in size, moved smoothly, and were extremely easy to squeeze. The clippers are stainless steel, and have a conical blade, which is what allows you only to cut the tip of the nail when you are using the correct size for your dog’s nails.  The handles are coated in plastic, and were comfortable on my hand.

Brian was pleased with how easy the clippers were to use.

We followed the direction on the package to insert our dog’s nail into the conical blade of the clipper, and squeezed the clipper to cut the nail.

We were very happy with the Zen Clipper.  It sure made Nail Clipping Night at our house much less stressful!

Zen Clipper is designed, manufactured, assembled, and packaged in the United States.

You can download the sizing card and order clippers for your dog, cat, bird, reptile, or other small animal on their website.  Also, check out Zen Clipper on Facebook and Twitter , and be sure to tell them Cello’s Corner sent you! 


Pomona RV Park and Campground, Egg Harbor City, NJ

All of our camping trips revolve around the pups’ dock diving competitions, except the holiday camping trips we take on Easter and Thanksgiving. We very rarely catch a free weekend – let alone one that matches up with another camping buddy.  However, this particular weekend in October we were able to make it happen!

This was only our second trip in the new RV.  I decided to ride on the couch with the pups for a little bit to help get them settled.


All settled in and ready to roll!


It was a very chilly weekend, but we enjoyed every minute at Pomona RV Park and Campground!


You would never know this campground was just 10 minutes away from Atlantic City Casinos, boardwalk, and beaches, as it was very quiet and peaceful!

We stayed on site C3:


Campground map:pomona-map

Lager just loves his new GLAMping window!


We spent quite a bit of time indoors getting a break from the cold, and enjoying getting to know our new camper.  We could relax for sure knowing Lager and Limoncello were on patrol!


Hooch and Rita decided to let Cello and Lager do all the patrolling while they soaked up the GLAMping life!


We did get some warmer temps where we were able to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air – Rita seems to be more of a cold-weather kind of gal, as she enjoyed every minute sitting outside!


It was a wonderful weekend (not too far) away! We appreciated time with friends, we were delighted to spend some time figuring out all the buttons and controls on the new RV, and enjoyed the campfires each night!


We Love Our Sweet Calendar Girl!

You may remember that Limoncello was featured as “Miss November” in the Animal Welfare Association’s 2014 calendar.

On October 9th, we came home from a camping trip to find a package on our porch.  I knew I hadn’t ordered anything, so I was anxious to see what it was.  What a surprise! Limoncello had been chosen to be included in the 2017 Workman’s 365 Dogs Page-a-Day Calendar!


Lancaster/New Holland KOA: First Trip With Our New Camper

Those of you who have been following our adventures from the start, know that we started out tent camping, moved on to a travel trailer, and then a 5th Wheel.  Even though we enjoyed all of our camping methods, once we adopted Margarita, we discovered that we needed to travel in a way where all of us could be a little bit more comfortable while on the road. We decided to trade our 5th Wheel in for a Class-A RV!


Our first trip in the new camper was to Lancaster / New Holland KOA !

What a gorgeous view from the campground:

Processed with Snapseed.


 Our campsite (Site X-16) … we LOVED our site!


Processed with Snapseed.

We enjoyed this campground very much – one of the days was very rainy, which gave us some time to get acclimated to our new RV!

Once the weather broke, we were able to enjoy the outdoors at our great site!

Processed with Snapseed.

Friends of ours live nearby the campground, and were nice enough to come by with some Lancaster favorites that we have never had before!

We had a fun (and most importantly – SAFE) first trip in our new camper – during one of the very, VERY few camping trips where dock diving was not involved!