With Hope, the Odds Don’t Matter: 18 Months in Remission

18 months ago Rita was diagnosed with stage 4 sub-stage A Large B-cell Lymphoma. If left untreated, she was given 1-2 months to live.

In March 2019, Rita began the CHOP-based chemo protocol. With her intestinal and liver diseases, it was uncertain she could even make it through her chemo plan. Her oncologist said with this treatment Rita would survive 12-18 months.

Despite the fact that her other health issues gave her a lesser chance than most, Rita made it through her chemo, and also reached every remission milestone that research said she most likely wouldn’t: 6 months, 12 months, and today…18 months!

We hold on to the faith and hope that she will not only continue to beat the odds and join the small percentage of dogs with Stage IVa Lymphoma who live 2 years, but that she also will defy “the norm” of her cancer prognosis even further!

Back to School Streaker

Señorita Margarita proved she is truly Teacher’s Pet as she completed the Back to School Streaker Challenge hosted by Run The Edge .

She walked at least a mile every day in August – for a total of 41.22 miles… what a streak!

September is Back-to-School month for us, but this year, September is also a major milestone for our family.

In March 2019, Margarita was diagnosed with Large B Cell Lymphoma…Stage 4 Substage A. She was a very complex case considering she already had a compromised system due to advanced intestinal and liver disease. We opted to have her go through chemotherapy. Had we not opted for the chemo, we were told Rita had only 1-2 months to live. If she could survive a full round of CHOP-based chemotherapy, Margarita was given 12-18 months to live. (The CHOP-based protocol produces an average disease-free interval {remission} of 9 months, a median survival rate of 12 months, and a 20-25% survival to 2 years). With more roadblocks than most patients prior to even starting chemo, this angel with fur beat most of the odds already by completing a full round of chemo, reaching the remission time of 6 months, 1-year, and now in September….18 months!

We are beyond grateful for every day with this little lady. Margarita will be working towards completing some charity-based virtual 5K’s this fall.