Lower Forge Brewery: Medford, NJ

We were super excited  when Lower Forge Brewery opened, as it is located in the next town over from us – historic downtown Medford!


This brewery has great beer, and is extremely dog friendly!





Porter’s visit to Lower Forge in 2019

Christmas 2016 (Margarita’s First!)

Rita’s stocking!


All decorated for Santa!

The pups must have made Santa’s “Nice List!”


Margarita had a blast on her first Christmas!

Merry Christmas from The Liver Killers!

A Merry Christmas for Molly

On Christmas Eve we were alerted by a friend about a “Puppy free to good home” post on Craiglist. These friends wanted to adopt this dog, so we contacted the owner, who was unaware of the dangers of posting his pup for free on Craigslist.  The owner was very appreciative for us explaining to him the dangers his family pet could have faced.  The owner was thankful knowing his pup would be going to a good home with a loving family who would care for the dog.  We headed out on Christmas Eve to pick up the dog, and transport her to her new family.  Now named Molly, this pup and her new family had a very Merry Christmas!


Every year, millions of animals are posted on Craigslist “for sale” and/or “free to a good home.” Most of these animals end up in less than ideal situations. These poor Craigslist critters sometimes end up in labs as test animals,  used in illegal dog fighting rings, utilized as bait dogs, used by backyard breeders, etc.  These posts have contributed to the torture and death of thousands of animals.

Please help educate others about the dangers of Craigslist animal sales and re-homing posts.


Merry Christmas, Molly!

Hooch Has His Own Greeting Card!

You may remember that when Hooch was a puppy, he won a contest to have his own greeting card.  Well, the greeting card is in print, and it will be ready for purchase after December 26, 2016!

Here is the original photo I took of Hooch in September of 2014.  Hooch was 4 months old in this photo, and was still afraid to go in the lake.  This sad little puppy face was laying on the dock at our house watching his big sis, Limoncello have fun diving and swimming!


Front of greeting card:


Wagging Tail Portraits has their Wet Nose Greetings in over 90 stores so far, including 10 Whole Foods Markets in the Mid-Atlantic area!

Each year, Wagging Tail Portraits donates a portion of their proceeds to animal rescue groups!

Check out their website for many unique gift ideas featuring YOUR pup!

Village Idiot Brewing: Mount Holly, NJ

Village Idiot Brewing is located in historic downtown Mount Holly, NJ.


The tasting room was an old bar, and had a great atmosphere!

There were many interesting choices for our beer tasting!



Flying Fish Brewing Company: Somerdale, NJ

Do you like great beer and a super-dog-friendly atmosphere? Then you’d love Flying Fish Brewing Company!


We had a blast here enjoying some very tasty beer selections, and meeting other people and their dogs! A German Shorthaired Pointer came in and immediately warmed right up to Margarita!


We enjoyed doing a beer tasting here – so many great choices!


Margarita wanted to know why SHE wasn’t offered a tasting! ff5

I just love their keg Christmas tree! ff3

We will definitely be back to Flying Fish Brewing Company!


Whiskey’s visit to Flying Fish in December 2019:

Fogotten Boardwalk Brewing Co.: Cherry Hill, NJ

Brian and I have always searched for dog friendly wineries to try.  Just recently we began trying the dog friendly breweries in South Jersey, not realizing just how many there were! Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing Co. has definitely been added to our “favorites” list!

To start – check out the cool over-sized Connect-Four game at the brewery entrance!


The beer here was delicious, and the people were friendly and knowledgeable.


Best of all, the brewery has two skeeball machines, a spin wheel and fun house mirrors – and they donate a portion of the proceeds from skeeball to a different charity each month!  When we visited, the charity-of-the-month was the Animal Welfare Association in Voorhees, NJ!

The brewery was very festive for the Holidays, and even had a beer can Christmas tree.


I highly recommend their Funnel Cake beer!


I love that they have a bunch of board games available for people to play while enjoying a few of their beer selections!

We can’t wait to visit Forgotten Boardwalk again!

Beco Flyer Soars to the Top of Lager’s List!

Beco Pets products are two-for-two here at Cello’s Corner!

As you know, Margarita tested out the Beco Ball on a Rope a couple of days ago, and she thoroughly enjoyed it! We were asked to review another product from Beco Pets.  This time, Lager had the pleasure of trying out the Beco Flyer!

The Beco Flyer is made from natural rubber and rice husk, making it non-toxic, and flexible, and perfect for a game of fetch! 

We loved that the Flyer’s packaging was printed on recycled paper!

The flyer is very flexible , and the raised profile made it easy for Lager to pick up.

Watch how flexible this Flyer is:


The flyer was easy to handle, and all it took was a simple toss to get the Flyer to soar across the yard!

Lager had a blast chasing after this non-toxic toy!

Overall, Lager thoroughly enjoyed himself, and the Flyer helped make fetch a bit more fun as the bird dog in Lager enjoyed tracking this toy as it soared through the air.  We were very impressed with Beco toys so far, and look forward to trying other products from this eco-friendly company!

Check out Beco Pets on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Lager Honored on The Calais School’s Wall of Stars

The students at The Calais School have created a “Wall of Stars,” honoring Veterans and current Military members. One of the students made a star very special to our hearts… Lager (War Zone name, Nayt).

A fellow GSP Rescue of NJ volunteer and friend, and GSP Rescue of NJ alumni, Sage the GSP, told one of the school’s students about Lager. Thank you to this student who chose to honor Lager, and created this star so perfectly!

We are grateful to have Lager be a part of the Wall of Stars at The Calais School, and we will forever cherish this!

Product Review: Beco Ball on a Rope

Keeping our Pointers both physically and mentally stimulated is very important to their health and happiness.  We are always looking for new, Pointer-proof toys to help us bond with our pups, as we exercise the four of them.  Our family is also very conscious about recycling, so I was more than eager when we were asked to try out a couple of products from Beco Pets!

 Beco Pets is a fast-growing company focused on creating products for your pooch that are also good for the environment – all without compromising on quality, price, or safety for your fur-child.  Whenever possible, Beco uses renewable or recyclable materials.

All rubber parts of Beco’s items are made from environmentally friendly rubber materials.  Beco uses ethically sourced risk husk, which makes the rubber biodegradable, and free of BPA and Phthalates. Plant fiber plastic, made mostly of bamboo (they even recycle chopsticks!), makes their bowls 100% biodegradable. Plush toys and beds are made with stuffing from recycled plastic bottles, and only natural dyes are used for coloring. This company even recycles their cardboard boxes into the packaging for their items!

The first item we explored was the Beco Ball on a Rope

The ball is made from natural rubber made from rice husk fibers, and the rope is made from 100% natural cotton.

This toxin-free toy is great for playing tug or fetch! We decided to let Margarita test-out this new toy!

Margarita also loved running around with this toy…


…Playing tug…


…and taking some time to stop and chew on it as well!


Here is Margarita enjoying herself with the Beco Ball!

Overall, we were very impressed with this product.  Not only did Margarita thoroughly enjoy playing with this toy, it held up well to some tough chewing and rough-play, and best of all, it is non-toxic and eco-friendly.  We look forward to reviewing the other products from Beco Pets, and Margarita looks forward to more fun with her Beco Ball!

Thank you, Beco Pets for giving us the opportunity to try out this product!

Check out Beco Pets on Facebook , Instagram , and Twitter!

Rescuing Rocco

Brian and I had just started to decorate for Christmas when we received a group email from one of the rescues we volunteer for.  A fellow German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue of NJ volunteer has a friend who runs Min Pins and More Rescue.  They had a dog who needed to be sprung from a shelter ASAP, and were looking for someone who was available to pull the dog and transport him to his foster.   The shelter where “Rocco” was is not far from us, so we dropped the decorations, and started on our way to the shelter!

Meeting Rocco:


Rocco was quickly attached to Brian!


Rocco was surrendered by his owner for being “untrainable.” (Don’t even get me started).  He mastered a “sit” before we even left the shelter grounds!

We let Rocco stretch his legs a bit, then headed on our way to drive him to his foster mom.

Freedom Selfie:


Freedom Ride:


Welcome to your new life, Rocco!

We received an update about Rocco just a few days later – he met his FURever family and was adopted!

Margarita’s First Swim Evaluation and Lesson at Green Leaf Pet Resort

Those of you who follow our Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter pages, know that Margarita cannot swim very well.  When we saw her lack of confidence while in our lake, we decided that it would be beneficial to have a swim instructor evaluate her current swimming ability, and help her improve enough to feel comfortable swimming with Limoncello, Hooch, and Lager. We took her to Green Leaf Pet Resort, where we had taken Limoncello and Hooch in the past to swim during the winter months.

Green Leaf was very festive and ready for the Holidays!

Margarita’s instructor, Krystal, was so patient and kind!


With a little coaxing and a lot of patience, Rita was swimming with some guidance.

Margarita is definitely going to need some further instruction.  We plan to continue to take her twice a month through the winter months in hopes to become a more confident swimmer this year.