Feline Brotha-From-Anotha-Motha, Loki


Tabby Cat

Birthday: March 18, 2002 – May 17, 2017

“FatCat,”… “PhatCat”

We miss you every day, little buddy!


Loki (appropriately named after the Norse god of mischief) is our 21 pound FatCat…or PHATcat 🙂 … he gave us a glimpse of what it would be like to have a pet walrus 😉 …I called him “big boned”…Brian called him “severely overweight.”  He was always in one of 3 modes:  sleeping, begging for food, or trying to lay on us in any way possible!  He had never known any other animal but dogs, and truly believed he was one…just one that was capable of getting on the counters!   GSP’s are not generally good around cats.  However, Loki was bigger than Cello when she came home, and he was not shy about letting Cello know that! Over time they had become loving siblings, and play-buddies.  They could often be seen playing together or sleeping together.  Loki actually made sure he was touching Cello in some way anytime he snuggled up to go to bed…sometimes he reached out with his paw and placed it on Cello.  They were the best of friends!

photo 2



Loki and Min Pin, Dante :

Loki and Dante always snuggled together.


Loki and Min Pin, Cleopatra :

Loki and Cleopatra rarely sat close together – but every once in a while they would find a good sun spot to share.


The day Cello and Loki met:

photo (1)


Cello and Loki loved to lay together:photo


Loki graciously allowed Margarita to use him as a pillow when she first arrived at our home as our foster dog, “Penelope.”


Loki the Cheshire Cat 😉


Sista-From-Anotha-Mista, Cleopatra



Miniature Pinscher

April 23, 1999 to September 17, 2012

We miss you dearly, “Little Peepers!”

 photo 1

If “little man” syndrome had ever applied to a dog, that would be our “Little Peepers,” Cleopatra!  She was 150 pounds of guard dog in a 7 pound body.  The treasure she was guarding was her Mama.  She was my shadow, and constant friend.  Cleopatra also had a big heart and soft-spot for her brother, Dante and her PaPa, but would only show them when I wasn’t home! She was one of the sweetest and funniest dogs you could ever meet (IF you were ME that is! …to most people she mostly only showed her “sassy” side!)  Cello loved to “play” with Cleopatra….which Cleopatra did not find as entertaining as Cello did.  However that never deterred Cello’s desire to love her sister.  Cello was the playful sister that Cleopatra loved, but sometimes never wanted!  Cleopatra will always hold a special place in our hearts.  We love and miss her every day.


Cello and Cleopatra:photo

Cleopatra as a puppy:cleo2


One of my favorite pictures of Cleopatra:cleo1

Cleopatra and Brian canoeing on our lake:cleo 3

Brotha-From-Anotha-Motha, Dante’s Inferno

Dante’s Inferno


Miniature Pinscher

January 6, 1996 – August 11, 2011

We miss you dearly, our “Little Boody”

photo 3

Dante… the ultimate sick-day buddy would lay in bed with us for 24 hours if need be!  He was our constant companion, and loving friend.  What he lacked in energy he made up in heart.   He loved naps in the sun, and laying on the couch watching sports with Brian.  Date was also very good at letting us know when dinner time was…OR an hour before with his signature “tap dance” – -a sight to behold! He is missed and loved everyday, and was fondly nicknamed our “little Boody.”  Unfortunately, Dante was very, very ill when we got Cello.  However, he perked-up when “puppy Cello” came home, and was able to enjoy Cello’s energy for a short while before passing in August of 2011.  Even though Cello was a “wild-child,” she always knew how to be gentle with Dante.

Cello and Dante:photo (3)

Dante as a puppy:dante

One of my favorite pictures of Dante:dante 2