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Cello Earned Her Masters!

As you know from previous posts, Cello is very involved in dock diving. She competes in the Dock Dogs Big Air competitions, which is like the doggie version of a long jump.  The handler and dog have 60 seconds to complete the jump.  Each team has two jumps per “wave,” with the greater of the jumps being used for the official score for that wave. The dog’s distance is measured from the base of the dog’s tail (the point at which the base of the dog’s tail hits the water).

On March 19, we received Cellos’ Big Air Club Title Master certificate from Dock Dogs!  


Cello is a member of Delmarva Dock Dogs club, an affiliate club of the National/Worldwide DockDog Organization.  To earn a club title, Cello had to reach 5 consecutive jumps in the same division.  The divisions are as follows:

Novice 0 – 9’11″​

Junior  10′ – 14’11”

Senior  15′ – 19’11”

Master  20′ – 22’11”

Elite      23′ – 24’11”

Super Elite   25′ +

Cello has earned her Masters title, which means she has jumped 5 consecutive times in the 20′ to 22’11” range.

2014 has already been an exciting season for us, as Cello and Brian competed in their first indoor dock diving competition, where Cello also earned her new personal best distance of 22’9″ !!

We have Cello registered for quite a few events this year, and are very excited for the next event on May 3rd and 4th in Dover, DE… Dover Days Dip, hosted by Delmarva Dock Dogs. Join us by registering your dog in the event, or come out to cheer Cello on, and see just how much fun dock diving is!!

In the words of the Delmarva Dock Dogs motto…

“Run Fast, Jump Big, Have Fun!!!”


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