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Dover Days Dip, Dover, Delaware

On May 3rd and 4th, Cello participated in her first outdoor dock diving event of the 2014 season at the Delmarva Dock Dogs Dover Days Dip, held at the Dover Days Festival in Dover, Delaware.  Cello was the only German Shorthaired Pointer competing in this event!


This is the first year that Delmarva Dock Dogs set up a dock at this event.  The weather was great, and the event had a nice turn-out.  We saw many familiar faces, and even met some new ones.  These events are so much fun…and truly filled with good-hearted, down-to-earth people. We have really enjoyed meeting so many great people and their pups!





We ordered team shirts for this year’s diving season!




Cello Jumped twice on Saturday, winning one first place medal.



Check out Cello in Slo-Mo:

photo 2 (1)



One of Cello’s Instagram buddies, Dixie the GSP, saw a post that we were at this event, and sent us a message that they lived close by.  Dixie and her family came to meet us, and to cheer Cello on!  We were both honored, and excited!!

photo 1


On Sunday, another two jumps earned her a second place medal, as well as another first place medal.

photo 3




Cello’s longest jump of the 4 waves she competed in was 22’8″, placing her in the Masters Division Finals.  During the finals, she was in first place with a jump of 22’9″ until another dog in her division leaped an amazing 23’3″ !!  Cello earned a second place ribbon, money prize, and a bag of goodies! We were very proud of her!

photo 4





On the first wave, Cello did not win any medals.  Her two jumps were:




On the second wave, Cello earned a first place medal.  Her two jumps were:





On the first wave, Cello earned a second place medal.  Her jumps were:




On the second wave, Cello earned a first place medal.  Her jumps were:




Cello’s jump of 22’9″ earned a spot in the Masters Division Finals, where she wound up earning 2nd Place with a jump of 22’9′, tying her personal best.  She was in First place until a lab leaped an amazing 23’3″!!!  Her jumps during the finals were:







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