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Happy Mother’s Day!!

Happy Mother’s Day to All the Moms With 4-Legged Kids!

Narnia Pet Behavior and Training Chronicles

Mama and Pups

Happy Mother’s Day to all our Guardian Mom’s!

Thanks Mom for making us part of your family and in some cases looking past our faults, our disabilities, our illness’s, our mixed breeds and our dark pasts.

Thanks for reading the ingredient labels on a dozen different bags of dog food in the store before choosing one for me and then going back and read them all again when my tummy grumbles that night after dinner.

Thanks for telling me to “sshhh” two dozen times without a timeout when I bark at the same rabbit in the front yard and only giving me a 15 minute time out when by accident I knock the lamp off the table in the living room when I spot a squirrel instead.

Thanks for holding my paw when it’s time to get my shots at the vet’s office.

Thanks for patching up my favorite stuff…

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