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Feline Brotha-From-Anotha-Motha, Loki


Tabby Cat

Birthday: March 18, 2002

“FatCat,”… “PhatCat”

photo 2

Loki (appropriately named after the Norse god of mischief) is our 21 pound FatCat…or PHATcat 🙂 … he gives us a glimpse of what it would be like to have a pet walrus 😉 …I call him “big boned”…Brian calls him “severely overweight.”  He is always in one of 3 modes:  sleeping, begging for food, or trying to lay on us in any way possible!  He has never known any other animal but dogs, and truly believes he is one…just one that is capable of getting on the counters!   GSP’s are not generally good around cats.  However, Loki was bigger than Cello when she came home, and he was not shy about letting Cello know that! Over time they have become loving siblings, and play-buddies.  They can often be seen playing together or sleeping together.  Loki actually makes sure he is touching Cello in some way anytime he snuggles up to go to bed…sometimes he reaches out with his paw and places it on Cello.  They are the best of friends!

The day Cello and Loki met:

photo (1)


Cello and Loki love to lay together:photo

Loki the Cheshire Cat 😉


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