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9 Weeks

This week Hooch regressed in the crate a bit.  He’s only making it about 1.5 hours during the day in the crate with no accident, and about 2-3 hours at night.  However, he is also very inconsistent with this.

Hooch discovered he had a “voice” this week and has barked a few times!  Hear his “voice” here:

This week Hooch has also discovered his love of tennis balls!

Hooch with is new “love,” the the Kong squeaky tennis ball:


...and the the “joy” of digging  in the yard 🙁  (Something we will continue to work on correcting).

Hooch proudly laying in his newly dug hole in our yard:

photo (4)

Hooch learned “sit!” this week.   He will respond to the verbal command, and will sit any time he sees Cello sit.  I will continue working with him the next week to learn the hand signal for sit as well.

Hooch learning “sit:”

Hooch is still not fond of the lake.  (AAAHHH!) He will watch Cello jump in after her training bumper, but Hooch will not get in the lake yet!

Here is Hooch watching Cello swim:


Hooch thinks the step is much safer than that scary dark water:


Cello’s Training bumper, however, DID spark an interest in Hooch!

He had a ball trying to “sneak” away with it before he was discovered by Cello:


Although the Lake didn’t go over well again this week, Hooch did finally get in Cello’s baby pool after some serious coaxing with the squeaky tennis ball!

At first, Hooch thought Cello’s pool was just a big water bowl (Cello was disgusted by this!):

photo (3)

Then his love of the tennis ball took over and he got into the pool:

Happy 9 Week Birthday, Hooch! 

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  1. You really need to put a warning on your posts that let me know I’m going to want a new puppy due to extreme cuteness overload! Good grief, Hooch is so ridiculously cute!

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