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Cello’s Feature on Barking From the Bayou!

M.K. Clinton publishes a daily blog, called Barking From the Bayou, with some great stories, awesome giveaways, product reviews, cool blog hops (which I still need to figure out how to join!), valuable information, and of course, adorable Bentley photos!  She is also the author of The Returns Book Series, and has earned many awards and honors!

She has been a great supporter of Cello on both Cello’s Corner and Instagram, and I cannot thank her enough!  Somehow, even as busy as she is, she always finds time to compliment Cello’s Instagram photos, and comment on the posts on Cello’s Corner.

Check out the the feature Cello had:

Fullscreen capture 12102014 61202 PM.bmp

It was such an honor to be featured on this blog.  We are very appreciative for the inclusion of Cello’s Instagram link as well!

Click HERE to see M.K. Cinton’s Barking From the Bayou’s  BFTB Channel 7 News post in its entirety.

We really appreciate the feature on the blog, and also want to thank M.K. Clinton for her continued support, and “shout-outs!”

2 thoughts on “Cello’s Feature on Barking From the Bayou!

  1. Thank you so much for your sweet words. I appreciate it . It is a joy watching Cello achieve her incredible feats. We are always thrilled to show her off in the “sports.” Of course, I instantly fell in love with baby Hooch. ♥

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