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The Green Leaf Pet Resort and Hotel, Millstone Township, NJ

In searching for an indoor swimming facility for Cello and Hooch to use during the cold months, I found The Green Leaf Pet Resort and Hotel through a Google Search.  It is about a 40 minute drive from our house.  We decided to give it a try in hopes that we can bring Cello and Hooch here throughout the winter to keep up on their swimming, and to practice for dock diving.  We are very glad we took the drive – we have never seen anything like this place…

The Green Leaf Pet Resort is AMAZING!


The entry way was so inviting, and very festive!


When I walked inside to the front desk, I was thinking how much it looked like an upscale hotel!

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They even have a boutique for your pooch:

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The Green Leaf does grooming, boarding, training, swim lessons, fitness training, specialized training, and day care!

Check out their boarding rooms – – can I stay here please?! Haha!

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The pool room is just awesome.  The pool area can be rented by the 1/2 hour or the hour.  It costs $35 per half-hour, and they have package rates available.  When you rent the pool area, you and your dog(s) are the only ones in the room – no others are allowed in, unless they are a part of your group.


There is a ramp into/out of the pool so dogs can easily enter and exit without having to jump in or climb out.DSC01729


The facility provides pool toys, towels, life vests, and water-resistant leashes for use during your dog’s swim.


Hooch was a little hesitant at first, and just stood at the ramp, and watched Cello for a while!


Don’t mess with THIS guard!


Cello had an absolute blast!unnamed (5)

Hooch started diving in and having a ball also!DSC01773

Here they are in action!

The facility is spotless, the staff is friendly, and the amenities are endless here for your pup!

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