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Hooch Graduated From “Terrible Teens” Class!

Hooch graduated from his “Terrible Teens” class at WonderDogs!  This class revolved around basic obedience, with a primary focus on how to apply these exercises to produce a well-mannered pup. Discussions on dogs’ behaviors, and solutions to common puppy problems at this stage of the dogs’ lives took place at the beginning of each class.

grad 2

What’s next for Hoochie?? …Hooch will be enrolling in “Finishing School” at Wonderdogs to continue his obedience training! This next-level class will work on fine-tuning Hooch’s understanding of basic obedience exercises, and help increase his focus during distractions.  “Finishing School” is also a preparatory course for passing the AKC’s Canine Good Citizenship certification test.

grad 3

Congratulations, Hooch!  We are very proud of you!

grad 1

Both Cello and Hooch graduated from WonderDogs Puppy Head Start Class.  Check out their Graduation pictures:

CLICK HERE for Cello’s Puppy Head Start Graduation

CLICK HERE for Hooch’s Puppy Head Start Graduation

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