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Farewell 2014, Hello 2015! 2014 Year in Review

“One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.” 

                                                                                      ~William Feather

…and many Adventures were had!  This post is Cello and Hooch’s 2014 Year-In-Review.  The bold print links you to the original post for that particular event.


2014 was all about growth. Our friends multiplied, as we met new people while competing with Cello in dock diving.  Cello’s titles increased as she continued to achieve and amaze us with her dock diving ability.  Our family ballooned as we added our son, Hooch, who also blossomed himself, from a rowdy little pup, into our “Big-Man.”  Most of all, our passion for each other and our “unique” and sometimes crazy family increased greatly.  Thank you for joining Cello and Hooch on their 2014 adventures!


In it’s first year, Cello’s Corner blog has over 300 posts, and attracted over 11,000 visitors from 96 countries! The most popular post was MEET BOB on March 25th.



In it’s first year, Cello’s Corner Instagram account skyrocketed to over 1,700 followers.



In it’s first year, Cello’s Corner Face Book page achieved 246 Likes.



In it’s first year, Cello’s Corner on Twitter gained 71 followers.



During the first year on Pinterest, Cello’s Corner acquried 50 followers.


Through the months of the year…


January was extremely rough in the weather department.  Cello did not participate in any dock diving events, and we had snow-covered ground for pretty much the entire month.  Temperatures the entire month were either freezing, or below freezing, and the lake we live on remained frozen.  There were only 2 days in January that were above freezing AND there was no snow on the ground – so we made sure to get Cello to the dog park on those two days, as we had MAJOR cabin fever!

unnamed (13)


February continued to bring more snow!  Cello did not participate in any dock diving events, but we still had some noteworthy happenings to share.




The winter had been brutal (and that’s putting it lightly).  We had “HAD IT” at this point!  South Jersey had over 18 days of snow, with snowfall totaling over 75 inches by March 9th. If it wasn’t snowing here, or there wasn’t snow and/or ice on the ground, it was uncomfortably cold (got down to -4 degrees one day!). The lake we live on was frozen most of the winter, and the streets were full of BIG potholes and cracks. These types of conditions do NOT make a GSP happy!  Cello did not go to the park – or walk – or run WAY too many days this winter.  We had to get creative with indoor physical activities like hide-and-seek, our version of the doggie stair-master (throwing a ball up-and-over our balcony so Cello has to run up-the-stairs/down-the-stairs to retrieve her ball)…as well as mentally stimulating indoor activities like practicing basic commands and “tricks.”  On a positive note, Cello participated in her first dock diving event of 2014.

unnamed (6)



Possibly our most adventurous month yet…we took our annual Easter camping trip, and finally we could spend some time outside!

photo 2



May is when dock diving really got under-way for us.  We had a great time at dock diving events, and, of course, were sure to fit in many other adventures.

photo 1 (4)



A HUGE dock diving month for Cello!  She made her first Elite Division finals, obtained her Masters Title at the National level, and earned her personal best Big Air distance of the year.




Of course, the biggest highlight of this month was bringing home Hooch!

photo 2



August was a busy month – a lot of traveling and dock diving.  We were happy to still be able to fit in some time to volunteer for the GSP Rescue of NJ.

photo (7)



This month was yet another busy one, as Hooch was beginning to grow into a energetic puppy.  We enjoyed traveling with him, as he watched his big sis compete.



October brought on many dock diving events, and Hooch’s first Halloween trick-or-treating adventure!  Hooch made his first plunge into a DockDogs pool (just from the exit ramp, of course!) We got a chance at some of these events to solidify friendships with people we had met during the 2014 dock diving season.

unnamed (14)



This month we went on our annual Thanksgiving camping trip (Hooch’s first Thanksgiving holiday), as dock diving began to wrap up for the year. Although we were disappointed that Cello did not qualify for the World Championships, also held in Nonmember, that did not stop us from having yet another fun, adventure-filled month!

unnamed (25)


Hooch celebrated  his first Christmas and New Year’s Eve this month.  December flew by, as we not only hosted the Christmas Holiday, practice began for the 2015 dock diving season, and Hooch started to come into his own as a dock diver.

unnamed (4)




We stayed in many different and wonderful campgrounds this year!

unnamed (2)


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Cello’s Cucina tried some new recipes this year!


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These are just some of Cello and  Hooch’s 2014 Adventures and achievements…we’d love to hear your 2014 re-cap!

…Here’s to many more adventures in 2015…


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  1. I am so excited to see you on our blog hop! I was planning a post to show you how to join us. I saw you were wondering in a comment somewhere. ☺ I’m sure that you will be on many upcoming BFTB news segments. Have you considered coming to the BlogPaws conference in May? Let me know and I can give you my 10%discount. ☺ Happy New Year!!

    • Thanks so much! I followed the directions on the link in your post and it seemed to work! I tested out the link I put in my post and that seemed to work as well!! Not as difficult as I had thought!! I didn’t know there was a conference!? I probably could not make it anyway since the dock diving season will be in full swing at that point 🙁 Thanks so much for letting me know though!!

  2. Wow, what a wonderful 2014 you had! The puppy photo at the end is precious, and the photo under “CAMPING” is glorious! Bow WOW! *wags* – Gilligan from WagsAhoy.com

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