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4 Yrs

Happy 4th birthday to Limoncello!

On March 14, 2015, Cello turned 4!

Over the past year, Cello has:

  • continued to achieve in dock diving
  • adapted to multiple fosters in the house
  • welcomed her new brother (she even occasionally pretends like she likes her brother, Hooch!)
  • added new adventures to her “been there” list
  • grown a white goatee
  • became an ambassador for TurboPup

Cello continues to be happy and energetic – and we love her so much!  Happy Birthday, pretty girl!


One thought on “4 Yrs

  1. Happy birthday, Cello! Pierre just turned four last week. He says it is an awesome age! We forgot to announce your Turbo gig on the news! We will do that next week!

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