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Bear Claws Are Yummy

…Well at least to Lager they are…

We aren’t talking these kind of Bear Claws:


Or these kind of bear paws:

bear paw

Nope…we are talking about THIS kind of bear’s claws:

File Mar 07, 4 57 17 PM

When friends moved and gave us their bear skin rug, I made my Mommy’s day off quite an adventure. My curiosity of the second floor of our cabin lead me to stumble upon the bear skin rug hanging over the balcony railing.

Why have I not noticed this big toy before? Did they hang it there just for me!? They must have! When I took a closer look, I discovered that the bear’s claws looked tasty  – and boy, was I right! They were very yummy snacks!! I ingested 2 before my mom caught me, and boy was she upset. The claws are as long as her finger!!

File Mar 07, 4 47 01 PM

Mommy was in a panic and called my doctor.  We had to drive through the snow storm to the vet so they could X-ray me in case I swallowed the claws whole.

File Mar 07, 4 47 48 PM

Dr. Campbell and her nice staff fed me hotdogs and cheese (more yummy nibbles!) while they did my X-rays. They couldn’t really see any bear claws in my belly on the X-ray, so I got to eat even more yummy treats of high-fiber bread while Mommy got to watch me really closely the rest of the night…and each time I did potty, my dad got to search through it. They didn’t look excited about this …so I told them not to worry, because I searched a lot of things when I was in Iraq, and it’s really fun and exciting… And if you find what you were told to look for you get rewarded! Boy, I hope my mom and dad got a good reward after their searches out in our yard!

File Mar 07, 4 47 23 PM
Dad was the best searcher, and found one of the bear claws.  We never found the other, so I’m assuming the humans “overlooked” it.

My humans made me promise not to eat bear claws ever again. (They’re no fun).


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