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  1. Basset Hounds are also known for having bloat so I am very careful wth Bentley. He also uses a slow-feeder bowl. I have read great things about Orijen. Your team is proof of it’s quality.

  2. Hello! I am going to switch my 9 month old GSP to Orijen. She is currently eating Fromm food, however, she seems to be SO hungry all the time and I’m hoping that the higher protein content of Orijen will help to satisfy her. We are very active with her taking her on at least two runs/day including hiking off leash in trails. Out of curiosity, how many cups of food are you giving to your dogs at each meal? I am just looking for a ball park figure. She is currently eat almost 6 cups of food total per day, but I heard that since Orijen is higher protein/calories she would probably be eating less of it.

    Thanks!!!!!! I follow you guys on Instagram and the dock diving is so cool!

    • Hi Kim! Thanks for following our adventures on Instagram! We love the results we’ve had with our dogs on Orijen! Yes- we have seen hat most people notice the dogs eat much less kibble when on Orijen. To give you an Idea, Hooch, our 1 yr old intact male who weighs 55 lbs eats 1.25 cups 2x’s a day… Limoncello, our 5yr old spayed female who weighs 50 lbs eats 3/4c 2x’s a day … And Lager, our 4 yr old neutered male whonweighs 57 lbs eats 1c 2x’s a day. As you can see, each dog is different. Our suggestion would be to follow the recommendation on the back of the bag, and then adjust from there by what you see from the dog – we go by their look, rather than their weight. You don’t want to have them heavy, yet you don’t want to see ribs either. It’s a little bit of an experiment until you find the right amount. But I sure bet it will be less than what you’re feeding now! I hope this helps! Please keep me posted!

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