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Delmarva DockDogs Jumpin’ into ‘ Jersey

Processed with Snapseed.This annual event, held at the Ocean County Decoy and Gunning Show, will always hold a special place in our hearts.  Although back in 2013, this event was only our second-ever dock diving competition, it was our very first DockDogs event with Limoncello.

During this event in 2013 is also where we signed up as members with our first DockDogs Club ~ Delmarva DockDogs .  It is a joke among our DockDogs friends that we belong to every club on the East Coast, as we are now members of the Delamarva,  Keystone, Chesapeake, Tidewater, and even Rideau River [in Canada!] DockDogs clubs!

The 2013 event is also where we met Annie from The Little GSP , who not only helped us with all of our “newbie” dock diving questions, but she also was the inspiration for the start of this blog, which also led to our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Flicker accounts! Annie’s amazing photography is also what inspired me to start the ongoing process of learning how to take better quality photos of our pups. Check out some of her amazing shots on Flickr by clicking HERE!

And here we are in 2016:  Back for our fourth year in a row, this time with 4 dogs!  As always, we camped at one of our favorite spots, Atlantic City North Campground.


Big Air:                      

  •  23’6″                      1st Place Elite

Extreme Vertical:    

  • 5’6″                        2nd Place Cadet Division

Speed Retrieve:        

  • 7.570 seconds      4th Place Turbo Division

Big Air Finals:           

  • 21’10”                    4th Place Elite Division


Big Air:

  • 24’4″  2nd Place Elite
  • 24’2″  1st Place Elite

Extreme Vertical:    

  • 6’2″   2nd Place Top Gun Division

Big Air Finals:            

  • 24’9″  1st Place Elite Division


Big Air:

  • 19’11”   6th Place Senior Division
  • 19’9″    2nd Place Senior Division
  • 21’3″    2nd Place Master Division
  • 20’9″   3rd Place Master Division

Extreme Vertical:    

  • 5’10”     1st Place Cadet Division

Big Air Finals:      

  • 19’11”    6th Place Master Divsion


Margarita had a big weekend cheering on her German siblings while spending her days with her heart-throb and fellow English Pointer, Mr. Spock!


What a fun and exciting weekend for the Liver Killers!

All 3 dock divers made Big Air Finals:


And we took home lots of bling!


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