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“Zen Clipper” Took the Stress Out of Our Pack’s Nail Clipping!

Trimming nails is a part of having 4 legged children.  Nails that are too long can chip or break, causing a painful condition for your pup.  Additionally, nails that are too long can make it difficult or painful for your dog to walk. In extreme cases, the nail can even begin to curl under and embed itself in your dog’s paw pad (ouch!)  We trim our pack’s nails about once a week. The boys, Lager and Hooch, need a good trimming each week.  The girls, Limoncello and Margarita, usually don’t need much at all.  Every dog’s nails grow at a different rate, and some dogs wear their nails down naturally with their day-to-day activities.  No matter what your pup’s daily schedule is, nail trimming is a must.  But what do you do when your pup is not a fan of nail trimming, or your dog has dark nails, and you are fearful you will cut the quick? (double ouch!!)

I have to admit, I have always been too nervous to trim our fur-kids’ nails.  However, during our once a week “spa night,” I clean ears and teeth, while Brian cuts nails.  Although Brian is perfectly comfortable doing this, it has always been a chore to “guess” where the quick is in our dogs’ nails since three out of the four dogs have extremely dark nails. Dark nails make it impossible to see the quick, and Brian has on more than one occasion nipped the quick. This is painful for the dog, and has made both of us feel very badly.  

That is why I was super excited when we were asked to try the Zen Clipper. We were sent a sizing chart to help us choose which size clipper would be best for our dogs.  


After following the easy measurement directions, we decided that Blue Size 7 was the correct size choice for our pack.



When our clipper arrived, I was impressed with the packaging, and clear directions.

I loved that the clippers were not bulky in size, moved smoothly, and were extremely easy to squeeze. The clippers are stainless steel, and have a conical blade, which is what allows you only to cut the tip of the nail when you are using the correct size for your dog’s nails.  The handles are coated in plastic, and were comfortable on my hand.

Brian was pleased with how easy the clippers were to use.

We followed the direction on the package to insert our dog’s nail into the conical blade of the clipper, and squeezed the clipper to cut the nail.

We were very happy with the Zen Clipper.  It sure made Nail Clipping Night at our house much less stressful!

Zen Clipper is designed, manufactured, assembled, and packaged in the United States.

You can download the sizing card and order clippers for your dog, cat, bird, reptile, or other small animal on their website.  Also, check out Zen Clipper on Facebook and Twitter , and be sure to tell them Cello’s Corner sent you! 


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