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Product Review: Beco Ball on a Rope

Keeping our Pointers both physically and mentally stimulated is very important to their health and happiness.  We are always looking for new, Pointer-proof toys to help us bond with our pups, as we exercise the four of them.  Our family is also very conscious about recycling, so I was more than eager when we were asked to try out a couple of products from Beco Pets!

 Beco Pets is a fast-growing company focused on creating products for your pooch that are also good for the environment – all without compromising on quality, price, or safety for your fur-child.  Whenever possible, Beco uses renewable or recyclable materials.

All rubber parts of Beco’s items are made from environmentally friendly rubber materials.  Beco uses ethically sourced risk husk, which makes the rubber biodegradable, and free of BPA and Phthalates. Plant fiber plastic, made mostly of bamboo (they even recycle chopsticks!), makes their bowls 100% biodegradable. Plush toys and beds are made with stuffing from recycled plastic bottles, and only natural dyes are used for coloring. This company even recycles their cardboard boxes into the packaging for their items!

The first item we explored was the Beco Ball on a Rope

The ball is made from natural rubber made from rice husk fibers, and the rope is made from 100% natural cotton.

This toxin-free toy is great for playing tug or fetch! We decided to let Margarita test-out this new toy!

Margarita also loved running around with this toy…


…Playing tug…


…and taking some time to stop and chew on it as well!


Here is Margarita enjoying herself with the Beco Ball!

Overall, we were very impressed with this product.  Not only did Margarita thoroughly enjoy playing with this toy, it held up well to some tough chewing and rough-play, and best of all, it is non-toxic and eco-friendly.  We look forward to reviewing the other products from Beco Pets, and Margarita looks forward to more fun with her Beco Ball!

Thank you, Beco Pets for giving us the opportunity to try out this product!

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