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Rita Is Now a Registered Therapy Dog!

Those of you following along may remember that Margarita and I took a Therapy Dog Workshop in preparation for taking our Therapy Dog test.  I am proud to announce that Margarita and I passed the 4-part test to become a registered team with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs!

Margarita has already visited an assisted living home, a medical facility, and also participated in a local library’s children’s reading program!

Congratulations, Margarita!

Interested in becoming a registered therapy dog team with The Alliance of Therapy Dogs ? Click HERE on how to become a member, find a test/observer in your area, and view a test example.

6 thoughts on “Rita Is Now a Registered Therapy Dog!

  1. Woohoo and WELL DONE. That is a MAJOR achievement and I am VERY proud of you!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

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