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Hauser Estate Winery: Biglerville, PA

Previously home to acres of apple orchards, Hauser Estate Winery ‘s tasting room is located right outside of Gettysburg.  Beneath the tasting room is an underground winery production facility.  The winery also has a location in downtown Gettysburg on Lincoln Square.

We visited the tasting room, which was situated on a hill, and had a gorgeous view.

We sat on the outside deck, as dogs were not allowed inside.

Their outdoor patio was dog-friendly.


We enjoyed the wine and the views here!

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  1. What a beautiful place to relax and sip on some tasty wine! I apologize for not visiting sooner but as you know we made a major move and are still up to our ears in boxes! Thanks for being such a great friend to us during this chaotic transition.

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