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Secondary IDEXX Laboratory Taurine Test

On October 18, 2018 Limoncello had a check-up with our primary veterinarian, Dr. Helen Campbell at Old York Veterinary Hospital to have a Taurine test done. This time the test was performed through IDEXX Laboratory.

It has been two months since we had deleted all legumes from our pack’s diet, and switched them all to kibble that included good grains. It has also been two months that Cello had been on an increased supplemented amount of Taurine.

Limoncello’s Taurine plasma level had now risen from 50 to 216. This was high considering the normal plasma range is 60-120. However, when we consulted Cello’s cardiologist, Dr. Bossbaly, she suggested that we still keep Limoncello on all the same supplements and doses, including the 1,500mg of Taurine twice daily.

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