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Scooby is a 9-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer.

His owner contacted GSP Rescue of NJ because he wanted to surrender him.  Scooby’s owner no longer could dedicate the proper time to him after he and his wife had a child.

Brian visited Scooby at his home and did the initial evaluation for the rescue.  Brian also drove back to the home to pick up Scooby to take him to the vet so that Scooby could get neutered and receive necessary shots and veterinary care before he could join the rescue.

Brian and I then went to the vet to pick Scooby up after he was ready to be discharged.  Here he is leaving the vet office.

Scooby is as sweet as can be! We got to spend some time with him at the vet while we were waiting for his discharge papers.

Brian drove the first let of Scooby’s transport.  I couldn’t go since the drive-time would be longer than we are comfortable leaving our dogs without a potty break.  I was glad I got to meet Scooby and wish him well in his new adventures!

Brian left to drive Scooby up to North Jersey, where another GSP Rescue of NJ volunteer would do the second leg of his transport.

Brian said Scooby was a great passenger!

Scooby was handed off to our fellow rescue friend, Michele, who drove him into NYC so he could meet his Foster Mom!

Here is Scooby meeting his foster mom in The Big Apple!

Welcome to the start of your new life, Scooby!

2 thoughts on “Scooby

  1. I respect Brian for not shaming (I really mean punching) the owners for giving up their 9 year-old dog because they had a baby. It makes me want to SCREAM!!! Thank you for seeing that Scooby will have a wonderful life from now on. His grey muzzle breaks my heart.

    • Ugh – I know it’s so upsetting – It is unfathomable to us to give a dog up. The only thing we are thankful for is that the owner contacted our rescue instead of the dog ending up on Craig’s List or in a shelter. Scooby is SO sweet too! I wish we could have adopted him… I’d have a million dogs if Ic could! lol!

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