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Nutritional Consultation with Veterinary Specialty Hospital of the Carolinas

VSH of the Carolinas (**Now BluePearl Pet Hospital) offers nutritional services that may benefit dogs with epilepsy. We decided to try a dietary change in hopes that this would reduce the severity and frequency of Porter’s seizures. VSH provided us with a diet and nutrition support plan that was recommended based on Porter’s medical records, diagnostic results, and dietary history. Consultations can be done online or by making an in-person visit.

We are not sharing the dietary suggestions that we received for Porter, as we truly believe that every dog’s dietary needs are unique and should be discussed with your dog’s medical team.

Nutrition Services Offered by VSH of the Carolinas:

  • Courtesy pDVM/ colleague commercial recommendations: Based on patients’ clinical problems and diagnostic results, a list of appropriate commercial options is provided via phone or email.
  • Voluntary commercial consultations: A list of appropriate commercial options are provided to the client with specific feeding guidelines and monitoring parameters.
  • Weight loss consultation: Individualized weight loss plan provided to the client. Includes bi-monthly weights and check-ins to monitor progress, in addition to addressing any nutrition-related concerns or questions.
  • Assisted feeding consultation (any type of feeding tube/ port): Based on patients’ disease processes, appropriate liquid diets/ liquid diet blends (for nasoenteric or jejunostomy tubes) or slurried diet blends (esophagostomy or gastrostomy tubes), feeding guidelines, and monitoring parameters are provided. Additionally, commercial options for volitional intake will also be provided (if applicable). If/ when the patient goes home, at-home guidelines will be provided to the client. Direct follow up with the client for any nutrition-related concerns or questions it available.
  • Homemade diet consultation: Two patient-specific homemade diet recipes are formulated and provided to the client based on the patient’s individual disease states. Specific cooking directions, feeding guidelines, and monitoring parameters are provided. Use of human supplements.
  • Combination Homemade diet + commercial
  • Homemade diet analysis: Technical analysis of client’s homemade diet using recipe/ information supplied by the client. Often needed to demonstrate nutritional deficiencies/ excesses in online recipes. Does not include “fixing” the diet to make it appropriate.
  • Combination homemade diet analysis and reformulation of up to 2 recipes: See option 5+7.
  • Homemade diet reformulation: In the event that an existing patient with a VSH homemade diet develops new medical problems and a reformulation is required. Ex. Renal disease and then develops pancreatitis; use of human supplements.
  • Supplement/ nutraceutical evaluation: Using existing medical records and product information, recommendations are made regarding dosing, continuation, and/or discontinuation of supplements.
  • Commercial diet evaluation: Based on the patient’s medical problems and diagnostic results, evaluation of the appropriateness of current / potential diet is provided.
  • In person appointment: Discussion of client concerns and goals, nutritional physical exam, etc.

Recommended Commercial Kibble:

  • Purina Canine NC NeuroCare
  • Purina Canine Bright Mind Adult 7+ Large Breed
  • Royal Canin Canine Mobility Support JS Large Breed

Recommended Commercial Wet Foods:

  • Purina Canine Bright Minds Adult 7+ Turkey and Brown Rice Entrée

Although we learned invaluable information with this nutrition consult, unfortunately, just like many other options we tried, this did not change Porter’s seizure frequency or severity. He was also not a fan of the food. He was transitioned back to his normal diet in October 2020.

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