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15 Months in Remission Recap

Margarita has been feeling great and has been very active this month! She even participated in two virtual 5K races: Best Friends 5K and part 1 of The Dog Days of Summer 5k Series !

Abdominal Ultrasound

It was time for Margarita to have an abdominal ultrasound re-check. Margarita may have these periodically due to her Lymphoma originating in her spleen. This was the first visit back to VSEC since Covid, so I was not able to go inside with Margarita.

Ultrasound Findings:
  • Liver: mild generalized hyperechoic enlargement (consistent with steroid hepatopathy), two small (4-5mm) hypo echo with nodules identified in the left medial lube. ( The doctor was not concerned with these). The previously noted 1-2cm nodule seen in December 2019 is no longer present.
  • Bladder: Non-dependent gas bubble noted in the bladder lumen
    • Due to the gas being consistent with Emphysematous cystitis, an ultrasound-guided cystocentesis was done in order to obtain a sterile sample of the bladder. The sample came back showing signs of E. coli. Margarita treated with enrofloxacin for this.

There were no abnormalities found in her gallbladder and biliary Tree, kidneys, adrenal glands, stomach, Intestines, colon, pancreas, peritoneum, mesentery, and lymph nodes!

Post-Abdominal Ultrasound Treat

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  1. LOVE hearing good news!!!! She is so lucky that you found the best docs – really really great to hear a positive story!!!

  2. So glad Rita is in remission! She is so lucky to have you both as her PAWrents!!! Give her hugs from us and Raven!!💕💕💕💕

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