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Follicular Dysplasia

When Limoncello was 3 years old, she was diagnosed with follicular dysplasia. Follicular dysplasia is a condition caused by an abnormality in the hair follicle. In Cello’s case, she was diagnosed with a non-coat-color-linked follicular dysplasia that is due to actual fracture of the hair. It typically manifests as hair loss that may or may not progresses over a dog’s lifetime. We have learned that follicular dysplasia is presumed to be genetic.

Limoncello, age 3, with Follicular Dysplasia (top view)

Limoncello displayed hair loss that was progressively worsening. After we ruled out other possibilities (such as demodectic mange) with our primary veterinarian, we took Limoncello to Dr. Spiegel, a dermatologist at VSEC.

Dr. Speigel did a skin biopsy in order to obtain a definitive diagnosis. Dr. Spiegel informed us that along with follicular dysplasia, hair loss, scaling/flaking of the skin, and secondary skin infections would be likely throughout Limoncello’s life.

Limoncello with Follicular Dysplasia (Side View)

Unfortunately, there is not a cure for this disease, and in some dogs, it can spiral out of control if the condition is not closely monitored. However, so far, we have been able to manage Limoncello’s condition even though she continues to have flare-ups of hair loss, as well as skin infections.

Limoncello after treatment with no visible signs of the follicular dysplasia (top View)

Under the direction of Limoncello’s dermatologist and our primary veterinarian, we have treated her scaling skin and secondary infections with supplements, shampoos, topical antimicrobials, and antibiotics when necessary. We also can only pet, brush, and dry Limoncello in the direction of hair growth to minimize fracturing her hair.

Limoncello after treatment with no visible signs of the follicular dysplasia (side View)

We have used the following off-and-on when needed with Limoncello:

Before and Afters

We’d love to hear what helped your pup’s follicular dysplasia. Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions for others dealing with the same disease.

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  1. Wow! That is amazing. I have never heard of this before. Once again, I want to come back as one of your dogs. Bahaha!

  2. Hello I found this while googling FD. My doberman was diagnosed at age 1 at UPenn veterinary hospital. I would love to connect with you and talk about treatment options. I feel like we’ve tried them all I am also located in South Jersey (Gloucester township.).

    • Hi Gina! I am sorry to hear your Doberman has been diagnosed with FD. I’d be happy to speak with you about Limoncello’s case and our experience. We loved her dermatologist!!

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