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August 2020: Cardiology Check-Up

  • Cardiovascular Examination:
    • Auscultation: Grade 2/6 left apical blowing quality murmur. Heart rate 100bpm and regular and occasionally with respiratory variation. Lungs clear.
    • Thrill: none
    • PMI: left
    • Femoral Artery: good quality bilaterally
    • Other Physical Exam Findings: Bright, alert, and responsive, friendly and relaxed
  • Release Notes:
    • Limoncello’s heart disease is stable on the current supplements. There has been a slight increase in the heart
      size from July 2019 and a trivial amount of mitral valve insufficiency as noted previously.
    • Supplements will continue with no changes and tracking the sleeping respiratory rates (SRRs) will also continue.

Limoncello will see Dr. Bossbaly again in May 2021

Echocardiogram and Ultrasound:

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