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May 2021: Cardiology Check-Up

  • Cardiovascular Examination:
    • Auscultation: Grade 4/6 left apical blowing quality murmur. Heart rate 100bpm and regular with paroxysmal tachycardia with rates of 150bpm. Lungs clear. Anxious.
    • Thrill: none
    • PM: left – bounding apex beat
    • Femoral Artery: good quality bilaterally
  • Release Notes:
    • Limoncello’s murmur has changed in quality compared to the last examination of 8/25/2020.
    • The echocardiogram revealed further enlargement of the left atrium and ventricle comparatively.
    • Supplement regiment will remain the samw
    • We are starting a traditional medication that is used with dilated cardiomyopathy, even occult cases (without clinical signs) to improve myocardial (heart muscle) strength.
      • Pimonbendan (5 mg tablets): 1.5 tablets every 12 hours
    • Tracking sleeping respiratory rate will continue, as this is essential in early detection of congestive heart failure which she is at risk for.
    • The blood work revealed normal kidney function and electrolytes.
  • Recheck Recommendations:
    • Recheck blood work in 6 months
    • Recheck radiographs as indicated based on clinical signs
    • Recheck echocardiogram in 6 months

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