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Canine Superheroes Spring Splash Wild Card; North Ridgeville, Ohio

I’ve been avoiding this post like the plague. This is the dock diving event where we had to help Sweet Reet cross the rainbow bridge. It was this event that crippled me and the reason the my blogged diary of memories here on Cello’s Corner is more than 2 years behind.

There are no words to express the amount of gratitude I have for the outpour of love and support Brian and I received for the loss of our Sweet Reet on June 12, 2021. As severely devastating as it has been, It is equally overwhelmingly heartwarming to see just how many people she’s touched both near and far.

I want to thank everyone at Canine Superheroes Foundation for your assistance, kindness and support during a very difficult time for us. Losing Margarita was extremely devastating. It was unsettling not to be home – but it was also a blessing to be surrounded by so many people who not only understand the pain I was feeling, but who truly are extended family. My immediate reaction with the loss of Margarita was to pack up and go home. Those of you who talked me in to staying – Those of you who talked me into getting back up on the dock with Hooch and Whiskey – Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It was the best medicine for me – and more importantly the best therapy for the rest of our pack. Our 6 other fur-kids needed us too. The competition dogs KNEW they were at a competition and wanted to compete…Porter loved being outside and glomming attention from handlers in between their jumps…and someone always found a way -directly or indirectly- to make us smile or laugh in between my continuous ugly-crying breakdowns. It was truly the most supportive environment our entire family could have been in – it was the DockDogs community at its finest.

The last couple of photos I took of Margarita:

I also wanted to share some of the happy moments with the rest of the pack. The few photos and video I have are included as well.

Limoncello enjoyed her now mandated “once a day” jumps on Friday and Sunday and looked prettier ever up on that dock. With scratching all jumps on Saturday, she will not be eligible for a World Championship invite

Hooch and Jenny had a great time on the dock prior to the passing of Margarita, but with scratching all jumps on Saturday, he will not be eligible for a World Championship invite

Lager did well in Big Air but continues to have some difficulty in Extreme Vertical. With scratching jumps, he will not be eligible for a World Championship invite.

Wish the Fish managed not only to jump all three necessary jumps to be eligible for a World Championship invite in the Novice Division, BUT, she jumped in the pool in under 30 seconds each time compared to her usual 59.999 second circus show on the dock AND jumped a consistent 7ft + a few inches! She earned an invite to the DockDogs World Championships

Porter enjoyed spending time hanging out at the camper on our patio mat and demanding attention from anyone that passed by and dispensing ridiculous amounts of Po hair onto everyone to take home as a “gift”

Jägermeister had a spectacular time and placed third in Iron Dog (Warrior Division) with Brian which secured a World Championship invitation for him.

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