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Annual Neurological Exam 2022

Porter being a ridiculous attention hog as usual while the Tech takes notes for Dr. Eagleson

Summary of The Last Year

Porter has not had any seizure activity for the past year (440 days to be exact)! However, added to his laundry of health issues, Porter was diagnosed with Atypical Addison’s disease this past year. Most recently, he was also diagnosed with hypothyroidism in October. Once Porter was started on prednisone following his Addison’s disease diagnosis, he became a lot more alert and coordinated and his daily “twitching” (which was thought to be focal seizure activity) also subsided.

Neurological Exam Summary

Porter’s neurologist, Dr. Eagleson, thought Porter looked great and is pleased with his current seizure control. Dr. Eagleson would like us to try reducing the CBD to once a day. In regards to his anti-epileptic drugs, Dr. Eagleson said that since his seizure control has been so good, it may be worth trying to reduce some of his daily drugs. That being said, Porter seems to be tolerating all of the medication well. Dr. Eagleson also said he would be ok if we did not want to tempt fate. Since Porter has just begun the thyroid medication, Dr. Eagleson recommended that we wait about three months before making a decision about reducing any anti-epileptic medication. If it is decided to reduce meds, then we would likely start with tapering his Topiramate.

Next Exam

If Porter continues to do well, he will have his next neurological exam in one year.

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