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Three Week Check-Up

November 18, 2022

It was has been three weeks since Porter began taking the Thyro-Tabs for his hypothyroidism. Porter saw his primary veterinarian, Dr. Campbell, for a physical exam and blood work to re-test his Total T4. Total T4 (Thyroxine) measurement is a screening test for diagnosing hypothyroidism in dogs. 

The lab results brought us good news! On October 25th, Porter’s Total T4 was 0.8 . His blood test on November 27th showed that his Total T4 has now risen to 2.1! (Normal therapeutic range is from 1-4).

This result proves that the Thyro-Tabs are in fact doing their job. Porter’s hair has not begun to grow back yet, so that will continue to be monitored. Porter will see Dr. Campbell again in 4 weeks for an exam and another Total T4 test.

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