80 Days Post Surgery

The only way to guarantee failure is by quitting. NEVER…GIVE…UP!

Lager lets NOTHING get him down! He is 80 days out from surgery and playing ball like a boss! He can grip the ball, run with the ball, and even shake his head around… all without dropping the ball! Lager has not skipped a beat! He can hold his tongue inside his mouth but it does hang out only when he’s tired or excited. Such an amazingly resilient boy!

2 thoughts on “80 Days Post Surgery

  1. So happy for you and Lager. Our bulldog girl has just had the same op done here in the UK she’s on 3 and a half 🙁 she’s about 4 months past op and can do nearly everything she could do before. Your story of the journey is everything we felt but couldn’t find any information on except one other blog. We are just hoping that they got clean margins on our girl and it doesn’t come back. It was so aggressive and grew so quickly after the biopsy that the vet thinks we would have seen something by now. Xx

    • I am so sorry your dog went through this as well – but so happy to hear that she has not skipped a beat and is doing everything she could do before! I am happy to hear that you found our blog to be helpful – it is my goal to document things like this that we go through in hopes to help others. Please keep me posted!

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