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One Week into the JourKNEE

One week ago today, (2/1/23) Whiskey had her first TPLO surgery on her right knee. I am happy to report that she is still doing very well! Her incision and surgery sites both had normal progression and she is tolerating wearing her cone as well as her confinement.

In this post I included a photo of the incision as well as a rear-view photo from each day over the last week, as well as some videos of Whiskey progressing with using a few stairs and walking (with a lift sling in place in case she stumbles). A lift sling is especially important for Whiskey since she has a tear in her left knee as well.

Day 1: Thursday 2/2/23

She slept well her first night and only woke up once at about 4am to go out to potty. Swelling and bruising had started around the incision.

Day 2: Friday 2/3/23


Evening: Bruising was at its worst tonight.

Day 3: Saturday 2/4/23

Today the Nocita was due to wear off. Nocita is given for postoperative pain relief. It is a long-acting local anesthetic that provides up to 72 hours pain relief and helps prevent increasing pain during the transition period from the epidural given before surgery to the oral pain relievers we administer at home. We saw absolutely no change in Whiskey – she was in good spirits and did not display any signs of pain. The bruising looks much better already this morning.

Day 4: Sunday 2/5/23

One of her mini walks around the yard today:

Today I took the bed frame and headboard away so that the mattress was on the floor. The mattress is 14 inches high so I put a child safety guardrail on the far side of the bed as well as the foot of the bed so that Whiskey can’t fall off. Runners were placed at the exit side to help with traction when Whiskey is able to get on/off the bed independently.

Whiskey is learning to navigate the stairs. She is allowed to try up to 5 stairs as long as she has her lift sling to assist her.

Day 5: Monday 2/6/23

Today a seroma settled down by her ankle.

Tonight was Whiskey’s first night back in bed…she was so happy to be there!

Day 6: Tuesday 2/7/23

Tonight Hooch was allowed to get back in bed with Whiskey. He did not bother with her incision and they both were happy to be sleeping together again.

Day 7: Wednesday 2/8/23

Whiskey is doing a great job on steps!



One of the four <5 minute walks she took today:

Surgery Follow-Up

Whiskey will have her post-surgery follow-up on Thursday, February 16th.

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