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If You KNEEd Me, I’ll Be in Rehab (2 Weeks Post Surgery)

Care Package

Whiskey received a wonderful get-well package on February 10th with the cutest purple toy and super yummy treats! She was SO very happy! This could not have arrived sooner, as Whiskey is starting to get a bit tired of confinement- this made her day – and ours!

Weak in the Knees For You: Valentine’s Day

I do annual holiday photos with our pack, but all the dogs know that when the photo backdrop gets set up, yummy treats are to follow…and that causes much excitement. I decided it was best if Whiskey did not participate in the Valentine’s Day photoshoot. Instead, I decorated her Fish Fortress (recovery pen) using a couple of photo backdrops.

It’s Going Tibia a Good Day: Two Week Post-Surgery Check Up with Dr. Morris

February 16, 2023

  • Assessment:
    • Dr. Morris said that Whiskey looked great! Whiskey’s incision has healed appropriately, she is using her leg consistently, and she was not reactive to palpation of her plate.
  • Medications:
    • Carprofen
      • dosage schedule is complete
    • Codeine
      • dosage schedule is complete
    • Gabapentin
      • will be continued for 1 more week while her activity is increased, then will be discontinued.
    • Trazodone
      • on an as needed basis to enforce exercise restriction.
    • Supplements to continue long-term
      • Dasuquin Advanced
      • VRS Omega Benefits
  • Restrictions
    • Whiskey may NOT do any of the following:
      • running
      • jumping
      • playing with other dogs
      • off leash activity
      • stairs (unless on a leash and speed is controlled)
  • Goal and Instructions for the Next 6 weeks
    • Goal
      • Maintain stifle stability, improve muscle mass and range of motion
    • Home Care Instructions
      • Whiskey’s incision has healed. She no longer needs to wear her E-collar. However, she may need to wear it again if she begins licking excessively at her incision site.
      • Although we can stop using the sling for assisted walking, Whiskey will need to continue to be restricted to leashed walking only; no running, no jumping for the next 10 weeks. We will also need to watch closely for lameness in either of her hind legs.
      • No off-leash activity outside.
      • Begin leash walking program with gradual increase in duration (NOTE: If at any time increased fatigue, soreness or discomfort is noticed with increased walks revert to previous level of activity).
        • Now through Feb 19 / Week 2 post-surgery: 5 minute intervals, 3 times a day
        • February 20-26 / Week 3 post-surgery: 10 minute intervals, 3 times a day
        • February 27-March5 / Week 4 post-surgery: 15 minute intervals, 3 times a day

New Knee, No Cone…Who Dis?!

Whiskey was given the all-clear to be cone-free AND sling-free! Her first cone-less / sling-less post-op walk was around the grounds of Mount Laurel Animal Hospital to visit some of the farm animals.

Whiskey’s first post-op walk on the street

  • Follow up
    • Whiskey is tentatively scheduled for surgery on her left knee on Monday, March 6.

A Joint Effort: Rehab Exercises

In addition walking program, Whiskey also is also starting an exercise program. Exercises can be used in conjunction with walks as a warm up or a cool down. Together and with Whiskey on a leash, we will be practicing the rehab activities:

  • Elevated Stance
    • Have dog stand on a step or foam pad (I used a Klimb). Make sure both back legs are even.
      • Hold for 30-60 seconds
      • perform one time a day weeks 2 to 6 post-op
  • Sit to Stand
    • Sit dog with affected leg close to a wall (I used the back of our couch). Note if your dog uses both legs evenly. Drop treat in front of your dog to encourage them to stand up.
      • Repeat 3 times
      • perform three times a day
  • Backwards Walking
    • Using a treat near your dog’s nose, motion towards the dog’s tail. Reward when the dog offers one step back, gradually building up to several steps. Lower your hand if your dog sits instead of backing up.
      • back up for 6 to 10 feet and repeat 2 times
      • perform once a day
  • Figure 8’s
    • Use 2 objects (e.g. cones, milk jugs, buckets… I used folding step-stools) to encourage your dog to make a figure 8 in both directions. Make each figure 8 two times the length of your dog.
      • Repeat 3 times
      • perform before each walk

Luckily I had all of the items on-hand from doing conditioning and training with our pack, and Whiskey was already familiar with the commands and activities she had to perform.

You Can’t Spell Party Without PT: Whiskey’s Rehab Activities All-in-One Video

Git ‘Er Done

I made a checklist to print out to help keep me on track with Whiskey’s schedule.

We are hopeful that if we follow Whiskey’s rehab plan as directed, she will be ready for her second surgery on March 6!

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