Knee Deep in PT

2-Week Post Surgery Check-Up

March 23, 2022

  • Assessment
    • Dr. Morris said that Whiskey looked great today and that her incision has nearly fully healed. Whiskey is using her leg without hesitation and Dr. Morris is very pleased with her progress.
  • Goals next 6 weeks
    • Maintain stifle stability, improve muscle mass and range of motion
  • Home Care Instructions
    • Whiskey’s incision has healed so she no longer needs to wear her E-collar. However, Whiskey has been trying to lick this incision (last surgery she did not attempt this) so we may need to replace the E-collar if we note that Whiskey is licking excessively at the incision site since scar tissue is weaker than normal skin and may be more prone to trauma.
    • Whiskey will need to continue to be restricted to leashed walking only; no running, no jumping for the next 10 weeks.
    • No off leash activity outside.
    • Continue leash walking program with gradual increase in duration:
      • Week 2-3 after surgery: 5 minute intervals 3 times per day
      • Week 3-4 after surgery: 10 minute intervals 3 times per day
      • Week 4-6 after surgery: 15 minute intervals 3 times per day
      • Week 5-8 after surgery: 20 minute intervals 3 times per day
    • Begin post-op rehab exercises
      • Elevated Stance
      • Sit-to-stand
      • Backwards Walking
      • Figure 8’s
    • If increased fatigue, soreness or discomfort is noticed with increased walks, we are to revert to previous level of activity and begin again from there.
    • Whiskey cannot exceed 20-30 minute intervals until x-rays confirm appropriate bone healing.
  • Medications
    • Gabapentin will be continued for at least 1 more week as activity is increased, and then discontinued or used as needed.
    • Trazodone will be continued on an as needed basis to enforce exercise restriction.
  • Follow up
    • Whiskey’s next recheck appointment is scheduled for May 4, 2023. At that time, x-rays will be obtained in order to ensure adequate bone healing prior to allowing her return to normal activity.

Fixing Pains, Taking Names, Making Gains

I’m relieved that we are back in the swing of Whiskey’s PT program. Whiskey had been getting antsy and was definitely ready to get moving again! The next 6 weeks we will be knee-deep in PT working hard and hoping our efforts will result in a positive report during her next evaluation on May 4th!

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