Sisters, Berlin, MD

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During our Thanksgiving camping stay at Island Resort Campground, we visited the town of Berlin, MD.  While leaving The Maryland Wine Bar, and heading back to our car, we stumbled across Sisters.  We did not find Sisters listed on or (two of our biggest resources for dog friendly places), but we decided it couldn’t hurt to ask.  Brian went inside while I held Cello and Hooch outside.  He came out giving me the “thumbs-up,” so in we went!

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This was THE coolest place!  It was a gift shop, and a wine bar all in one!  They had comfy couches where we enjoyed a glass of wine.

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We very much enjoyed our time at Sisters!

The Maryland Wine Bar, Berlin, MD

While visiting the town of Berlin during our Thanksgiving camping stay at Island Resort Campground, we visited The Maryland Wine Bar in Berlin, MD.

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This cozy place allows dogs to come inside!

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The wine was tasty, staff was so friendly, and the atmosphere so festive and cozy – – we could have spend the whole day here!

America’s Coolest Small Town: Berlin, MD

Named America’s Coolest Small Town in 2014, the town of Berlin, MD surely lived up to it’s name.

This town has many, many cool features, one being that the movie Runaway Bride was filmed here!

Berlin is also home to the historic 1895 Atlantic Hotel:

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This town has unique shops, antique stores, wonderful architectural, and some great eateries and wine bars.


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Cello and Hooch enjoyed walking among the shoppers her in town.  Be sure to visit Berlin, America’s Coolest Small Town!

Burley Oak Brewery, Berlin, MD

During our Thanksgiving Day camping stay at Island Resort Campground, we visited Burley Oak Brewery in Berlin, MD.

Dogs are allowed inside this brewery!

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This was Hooch’s first visit to a Brewery, and he was very well behaved!

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We very much enjoyed our beer and the atmosphere here!  Brian tried the Rude Boy, and I tried the Sorry Chicky!

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The staff was friendly, and the beer was good…and best of all, the brewery is dog friendly!  A must-visit if you are ever in this area!

Assateague National Seashore, Berlin, MD



After Cello’s first day of Dock Diving at Pooch Palooza , we drove to Assateague National Seashore.  It was so cool to see the horses roaming free!


While we were driving, the horses were walking right down the street toward our car – there were several times we had to just stop until the horse decided to move.  I took this picture in the passenger seat with my phone inside of our car:






There were horses EVERYwhere…and I can see now why the park has signs such as this posted:


At first, I was thinking, WHY would they even have to post those signs?  Isn’t that common sense?  …Apparently NOT! …


These people look closer than 10 feet to me! DSC01625

We then drove to the beach:


…and Hooch stepped foot on a beach for the first time ever!




I think he liked it!



…until that “weird sounding water” crept up on everybody!!





Aside from the “moving water,” Hooch had a blast during his first trip to the beach, we enjoyed the beautiful views, and Cello made it her “job” to tell off every horse we saw from the back seat of our car 😉