Finding Nemo

Cello’s best friend is Nemo, a 4 year old male Boykin Spaniel.  Cello and Nemo have been buds since the first week they both came home with their humans! “Finding Nemo” was one of the best things that happened to Cello – as Nemo is the only dog Cello truly ever fully “accepted.”  If you have ever seen these two together, you can really see just how alike they are – and just how much they truly enjoy each other.  They have played, swam, had sleep-overs, camped, and of course dock-dived together!

Cello and Nemo lounging on the couch together:

Fullscreen capture 4282015 102138 AM.bmp

Cello and Nemo “holding hands” while sleeping during their first sleep-over:

Fullscreen capture 4282015 102224 AM.bmp

Nemo, like Cello, has been dock diving for about 1.5 years. In fact, they attended their first-ever dock diving event together!

Nemo’s mom, Cindy, wrote a beautiful article on Nemo, which was published in the Boykin Spaniel Society Magazine, and included a mention of Cello.

The two pictures that were chosen for the magazine happen to be two pictures I took of Nemo and Cello at Nemo’s house.

The article is a wonderful read!


Although Nemo lives in our town, his mom, Cindy, has recently started a job in Michigan.  Nemo and his parents travel back and forth from Michigan to NJ, and we are often away at dock diving events, so Cello and Nemo don’t get to see each other as often as they used to.

We wish we could gather more often, so we do try to get together whenever both families are home in NJ and have a free weekend!

2013 Ocean County Gunning and Decoy Festival, Tuckerton, NJ, Hosted by Delmarva Dock Dogs

September 28-29, 2013DSC06701

Well, we’re hooked!  Contest #2 was hosted by Delmarva Dock Dogs at the Ocean County Gunning and Decoy Festival in Tuckerton, NJ.  We camped for the weekend at Atlantic City North Family Campground, just down the road… what a fun weekend we all had! Cello’s “boyfriend,” Nemo, a Boykin Spaniel, also competed in this event, and even camped overnight one night with us.

Brian and I recently signed up to volunteer for the GSP rescue of NJ.  The organization had a booth set up at this event, so we were able to have Cello “work the crowd” in between dives, working as a donation dog. We were able to raise some money for the GSP Rescue of NJ… we were very happy!



Dock Dogs had their long dock set up for this event (40 ft in length). Dock Dogs Divisions are s follows:

  • Novice 0 – 9’11″​
  • Junior  10′ – 14’11”
  • Senior  15′ – 19’11”
  • Master  20′ – 22’11”
  • Elite      23′ – 24’11”
  • Super Elite   25′ +

Dock Dogs awards a ribbon or medal for each “wave” of jumps (A wave consists of 2 jumps, and the best of the 2 jumps is compared to the other dogs’ best jumps).  Cello won (2) Masters 3rd Place medals, (1) 2nd Place medal! Then she qualified for the finals,  and placed 2nd in the Masters Division Finals, winning a big ribbon, gift basket, and $50!

Cello jumped in 4 waves… here are her results:

  • 18’2″
  • 18’2″
  • 18’11
  • 20’8″
  • 3rd Place Masters Division Medal
  • 21’4″
  • 20’7″
  • 3rd Place Masters Division Medal
  • 18’3″
  • 21’8″
  • 2nd Place Masters Division Medal


  • 22’7″
  • 22’2″
  • 2nd Place Masters Division Ribbon, gift basket, and $50


photo (2)

Brian was VERY proud of his little girl!

Boyfriend Nemo competed in this event also, and did great!

Cello’s “Grandmom” Pat, “Grandmom” Jan, “Aunt” Dana, and “Cousin” Norm all came to cheer her on! Thanks so much for cheering Cello on!