Fox News Features Lager !

Bill Rohrer from Fox News did a story on Lager!  It was nice to meet Bill – he was so nice, and made us feel very comfortable while filming the story at our home.  Brian and I had great fun doing this story, as Lager is a very special pup!

Click HERE for the link to the story, and the video of the news feature that was aired:

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Lake Fairfax Park, Reston, VA

We camped at Lake Fairfax Park for Cello and Hooch’s dock diving event at Celebrate Fairfax.

Our campsite (site A-18):


This park was HUGE!  It has recreational sports fields, a skate park, and a water park!

Skate Park:


Marina and Fishing Pier:



The Water Mine water park:




How cool is this park?!?!  We would definitely like to visit here again some day.

(*some pictures taken from Lake Fairfax website)

North/South Lake, Haines Falls, NJ

July 2012

North/South Lake was another favorite trip of ours.  The campground was beautiful, our site was right on the water, and we had a bear walk right by our campsite each night!  It was so neat to see, but very scary to have a bear only 15-20 feet away from us!  We had to sign a waiver at this campground about the bear, and agree to take the necessary precautions – which luckily WE did – because that bear that walked by our campsite ransacked another tenting family’s tent who didn’t follow the rules, and had food inside their tent!  Great hikes here as well.

Our campsitephoto 1 (7)

View from our campsite (on the water)

photo 2 (3)

photo 2 (8)