La Quinta Inn and Suites, Sommerville, MA

After our awful few nights at the La Quinta Inn and Suites in Andover, MA (read about our experience HERE), we decided to check out of that hotel, and check in to the La Quinta Inn and Suites in Somerville, MA.  WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!


This was more like it!  The hotel was new, clean, and the staff were SO nice!  We were so glad we switched hotels for our last night in MA!


We were on the 5th floor, and Cello loved being able to lay on the bed and look out at the street below:


We would definitely stay here again! 


Tommy Doyle’s Irish Pub, Cambridge, MA (Kendall Square)

After we had grabbed a bite to eat at Charlie’s Kitchen, we headed over to Tommy Doyle’s Irish Pub, located in Cambridge, MA in Kendall Square.  Read more about Tommy Doyle’s HERE.


Tommy Doyle’s had a nice outdoor seating area, where we enjoyed a glass of wine with Cello and Hooch.  Although we didn’t eat here, they had a pretty good looking menu!

 Tommy Doyle’s is definitely a great place to get your Irish on if you are in the Cambridge/Kendall Square area!


Charlie’s Kitchen, Cambridge, MA (Harvard Square)

Each day after Cello was finished for the day at her Regional Event, we ventured over to Cambridge, MA (Harvard Square), and got a bite to eat and some cocktails at Charlie’s Kitchen.  We sat in the Beer Garden, and just LOVED it! Read more about Charlie’s Kitchen HERE!

photo (6)

Before going to any dog-friendly establishment that I have found online, I always call ahead to verify that the place is in fact still dog friendly. When I had called Charlie’s to ask if it was true that dogs were allowed, the woman who answered the phone said “If you come, please don’t come withOUT your dog!!”  We were thrilled, and we were not disappointed with our visit!


When we entered Charlies, most every employee stopped what they were doing to come over to greet Cello and Hooch as if they were celebrities!  We were welcomed at both the bar and the outdoor seating areas.  A Pabst Blue Ribbon water bowl was immediately brought out for Cello and Hooch.




Charlie’s had some great choices on their menu – check it out HERE! On our first visit, we could not resist to try the Lobster Roll!  It was awesome!  Brian chose to get french fries as his side choice, and I got fried green beans as mine (DELICIOUS!!) Our wine was served in cute little pilsner glasses.

Brian and Cello checking out the menu:

photo (1)

On our second visit, we chose to split two of their signature burgers.  We ordered one Double Crab Cheese Burger and one Lobster Burger, and again, were not disappointed!  Both burgers were AWESOME.  Brian tried the sweet potato fries as his side, and I, again, got the fried green beans.

The Lobster Roll and Fried Green Beans:

photo (4)

Charlie’s Kitchen has a super-cool atmosphere, great food, tasty drinks, and is by far one of THE most dog friendly restaurant/bars we have been to!

…oh – and has my most favorite sign ever:

photo (5)

Outback Steakhouse, Lowell, MA

DSC03574 - Copy

Hooch’s first restaurant experience!!


We decided to try Outback Steakhouse for dinner while we were in MA.  Brian and I have not been there in years!


We just HAD to order a Bloomin’ Onion for our appetizer.  In addition to enjoying some wine at the outdoor seating area, Brian ordered a steak – and I enjoyed an Ahi Tuna appetizer.  The staff were very friendly, and welcomed Cello and Hooch with a water bowl, and lots of attention!